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US News: Guimaraes Sold, an old pessimistic

stock seam light remains on red - DAX in the minus

 stock seam light remains on red - DAX in the minus interest worries to the weekend on the mood at the stock market. After an initial slip to just under 15,630 points, the DAX stabilized for the time being. © Fredrik of Erichsen / DPA The DAX is the most important stock index in Germany. Towards the end of the first trading lesson, the key index lost 0.4 percent on Wednesday to 15.735.35 points. The MDAX last fell by 0.33 percent to 34,041.33 points. In New York, the night after the holiday break was further downhill.

if Lyon will bail out its crates with the sale of Bruno Guimaraes, the club's situation is more and more Vikash Dhorasoo.

Bruno Guimaraes part de l'OL © provided by FOOTBALL 365 Bruno Guimaraes share of the OL

one of the soap operas of the Winter winter Lyonnais coming to an end. Covered by Newcastle, Bruno Guimaraes is on the point of formalizing his departure from Olympique Lyonnais . Rated nearly € 50m (bonus included), this sale should nevertheless weaken the team of Peter Bosz and this is not to reassure Vikash Dhorasoo, former Lyonnaise House.

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now consultant for the chain the team, the one who has also passed through Le Havre and the PSG has given his point of view on the overall situation of OL : " It's still worrying about judging a sales club he does. OL does not win anything for a few years. He had been used to selling good, but to have a competitive team. "

"And here is, it's great, Guimaraes leaves for 50 M € ..."

a fact that no longer finds Dhorasoo with the current Lyon. " for a very long time, they have decided not to play the title against PSG, they do not come and do not want to at the beginning of the season, to compete them. They play the second or third place, he There is no title. And here is, it's great (Bruno) Guimaraes who leaves for 50 M € ... "

The Lost Leonardo: The Salvator Mundi, True-False Vinci and Big Scam .
© AFP / Ilya Savenok / Getty In 2017 The Salvator Mundi, awarded to Leonardo da Vinci, was sold $ 450 million. How the Salvator Mundi , the most expensive painting in the world, maybe painted by Leonardo da Vinci but never authenticated, could be sold $ 450 million in 2017? It is the lighting proposed by a new documentary, in theaters since Wednesday, January 26th.

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