US News: A summit To restore the trust between Europe and Africa

Iranian nuclear: Paris Press Tehran, according to whom an agreement is close to

 Iranian nuclear: Paris Press Tehran, according to whom an agreement is close to © Leonhard Foeger, Reuters The Iranian negotiator Ali Bagheri in Vienna on February 8, 2022. The Minister of Foreign Affairs French, Jean-Yves Le Drian, has in a hurry Iran, Wednesday, to agree with an agreement on its nuclear program in the coming days. For its part, Tehran, which believes that an agreement is closer "than ever", calls for a "political declaration" of the US Congress in Guarantee Gage.

The 6th Summit between African Union and the European Union opened in Brussels. A two-day meeting to strengthen the links between the two continents. Security, financial and health stability are their three common challenges. View on Euronews

  Un sommet pour restaurer la confiance entre l'Europe et l'Afrique © Dario Pignatelli / European Union 2022

After nearly five years of preparation and a global pandemic, the Sixth European Union Summit (EU) - African Union (AU) is finally launched in Brussels.

even before the EU-UA summit begins, France announced that it would withdraw its troops from Mali due to a break in relation to the junta in power. Paris, alongside other European countries, has been fighting since 2013 against a jihadist insurrection in the Sahel region.

Pandemic: The rebellion in the population goes from the front

 Pandemic: The rebellion in the population goes from the front These are clear, simple hygiene rules based on science findings. The over the pandemic has been further clarified: For example, that OP masks are less effectively protecting against infections than FFP2 masks. Or: that close FFP2 masks close to the mouth and nose, even at three meters distance to an infected almost 100 percent can protect against infection. Or: that the best protection against Corona is a mix of the mini rules, for example from mask and distance.

However, Josep Borrel, the High Representative of the EU claimed that he will not abandon this African region completely.

We do not give up the Sahel. We do not abandon Mali. We simply restructure our presence to deal with the new political situation. Josep Borrel High EU Representative

The leaders of both continents are in Brussels on Thursday and Friday to discuss their common goals. For African leaders, the summit is an opportunity to take a new start in relations with the EU.

Disagreements in the fight against global warming

Climate change is one of the challenges discussed, but the difference in opinion between Europe and Africa is flagrant. "Africa considers itself not responsible for global warming. it emits less than 4% of global CO2 emissions. It is a continent that is not industrialized and therefore it (Europe) can not Ask this continent to give up fossil energies while they are themselves responsible for pollution and continue to use polluting energy resources. "Said Macky Sall, the President of Senegal and President of the African Union.

Hélène Pietrini: "The obsession of the well-dining has been my educational spine"

 Hélène Pietrini: originating in Brittany, the Director General of the list, an application that selects the best restaurants around the world, has grown up in a female family Good dishes and gastronomy. "I am a patented greedy. I grew up in Rennes, where I bathed in a butter culture, cream and sauce. All my childhood, I saw my mother and my grandmothers mitonate sweet French cuisine: pot-au-fire, cassoulet, white, gratin dauphinois, gigot-flageolets, pintade fisheries ...

An insufficient envelope according to the IMF

A package of investments of 150 billion euros, which will be mobilized over the next few years, is also on the table. It includes health funds, education and infrastructure projects.

But the director of the International Monetary Fund told Euronews that Africa needs more money. "Now to overcome the impact of COVID, Africa must mobilize $ 285 billion in 5 years.", A Notkyristalina Georgieva, Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund.

The refusal of Europe to assign its Covid vaccine technology has been a sensitive point for African countries over the past year.

Brussels believes that the solution lies in donations and the increase in Africa's production capacity. Any agreement on this subject will have to be negotiated between the leaders.

African Union Summit: Controversy on the status of Israel relaunched on the UE-UA summit menu: digital, taxation and commerce EU-UA summit: for a thorough partnership between Africa and Europe-oriented Europe How do the European peaks work?

Russia and Gerhard Schröder: Immediately threaten sanctions to the Old Chancellor? .
The attack of Russia on Ukraine is a situation in which many have expected some words Gerhard Schröders . For the former Federal Chancellor is considered a longtime friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. And he is a supervisory board at the state Russian energy group Rosneft. © Peer Grimm / Archive are considered familiar: Kremlin Chef Vladimir Putin (L) and Old Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

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