US News: Hélène Pietrini: "The obsession of the well-dining has been my educational spine"

Iranian nuclear: Paris Press Tehran, according to whom an agreement is close to

 Iranian nuclear: Paris Press Tehran, according to whom an agreement is close to © Leonhard Foeger, Reuters The Iranian negotiator Ali Bagheri in Vienna on February 8, 2022. The Minister of Foreign Affairs French, Jean-Yves Le Drian, has in a hurry Iran, Wednesday, to agree with an agreement on its nuclear program in the coming days. For its part, Tehran, which believes that an agreement is closer "than ever", calls for a "political declaration" of the US Congress in Guarantee Gage.

originating in Brittany, the Director General of the list, an application that selects the best restaurants around the world, has grown up in a female family Good dishes and gastronomy.

"I am a patented greedy. I grew up in Rennes, where I bathed in a butter culture, cream and sauce. All my childhood, I saw my mother and my grandmothers mitonate sweet French cuisine: pot-au-fire, cassoulet, white, gratin dauphinois, gigot-flageolets, pintade fisheries ... and, of course, Brittany obliges, pancakes and cakes. They were done ourselves or were bought at the lie market. I needed my weekly dose, it was vital.

Originally, I wanted to become a chemist engineer in perfumes or cosmetics, but I was not good enough for a scientific preparation. I am a false math: I have a very logical, fast mind and I remember the numbers, but I constantly seek to get out of the frames. Finally, marketing suited me better.

Lead 1-Ukraine-Scholz and Biden qualify the situation of "extremely serious"

 Lead 1-Ukraine-Scholz and Biden qualify the situation of Ukraine-crisis / Germany-USA (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-Ukraine-Scholz and Biden qualify the situation of "extremely serious " (updated with white house communiqué, details) Berlin / Washington, 16 February (Reuters) - The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the US President Joe Biden agreed that it was necessary to consider as" extremely serious "the situation in Ukraine As the risk of a new military offensive of Russia, Wednesday reported the government spokesman in Berlin.

Childhood Fascination

I made a HEC prep in Rennes, then I am "climb" in Paris, as they say at home, to make CO Paris. I started working in multinationals, at Unilever, then L'Oréal, Lancôme, Revlon, where I made product development. Ten years ago, I went to Relais & Châteaux as Strategic Marketing Director - My first foot in the hotel and restaurant sector.

When a board of directors held at the Oustau de Baumanière, a starred restaurant in Baux-de-Provence, I knew I loved this environment. For the first time, the staff and the professional joined in my life. I found my childhood fascination for gastronomy: Olivier Roelllinger was my parents' idol.

At the Roellinger, the succession is assured

they were regularly dinnering in his starred establishment of Cancale, and my mother reported his mixture of spices back from India to prepare the famous recipe from the St. Peter. The obsession of the well-dining has been my educational vertebral column. Today, know where I go lunch or dinner and what I will enjoy defines my mood for the day.

A summit To restore the trust between Europe and Africa

 A summit To restore the trust between Europe and Africa The 6th Summit between African Union and the European Union opened in Brussels. A two-day meeting to strengthen the links between the two continents. Security, financial and health stability are their three common challenges. View on Euronews © Dario Pignatelli / European Union 2022 After nearly five years of preparation and a global pandemic, the Sixth European Union Summit (EU) - African Union (AU) is finally launched in Brussels.

from New York to Melbourne

in London, where I moved to follow my husband, I postulated at the 50 best, who was looking for someone who can reconcile France and this English ranking of restaurants considered very "anti-French " For five years, we developed, we made the New York ceremony in Melbourne or Singapore, it was a great gastronomic world tour.

The butter-sugar pancakes: the recipe of Hélène Pietrini

and then, the COVID-19 has stopped everything. While we can no longer go anywhere, what is the role of a brand that sends leaders around the globe? I left the 50 best, we returned to Paris, and I was named Executive Director of the list, held to be the alternative ranking at the 50 best, with an app to find a restaurant anywhere. I try to make sense, creating prices for diversity, solidarity, craftsmanship ...

I like to keep an eye on what's going on in the restoration in the world, but I also love cooking at home. I am not a recipe. And I continue to eat a lot of butter-sugar crepes, which I'm preparing in five minutes, especially when I'm alone or I do not have the morale.

The site of the list and its application

Russia and Gerhard Schröder: Immediately threaten sanctions to the Old Chancellor? .
The attack of Russia on Ukraine is a situation in which many have expected some words Gerhard Schröders . For the former Federal Chancellor is considered a longtime friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. And he is a supervisory board at the state Russian energy group Rosneft. © Peer Grimm / Archive are considered familiar: Kremlin Chef Vladimir Putin (L) and Old Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

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