US News: The NGO SOS Christians of Orient suspected of complicity of crimes against humanity in Syria

Iranian nuclear: Paris Press Tehran, according to whom an agreement is close to

 Iranian nuclear: Paris Press Tehran, according to whom an agreement is close to © Leonhard Foeger, Reuters The Iranian negotiator Ali Bagheri in Vienna on February 8, 2022. The Minister of Foreign Affairs French, Jean-Yves Le Drian, has in a hurry Iran, Wednesday, to agree with an agreement on its nuclear program in the coming days. For its part, Tehran, which believes that an agreement is closer "than ever", calls for a "political declaration" of the US Congress in Guarantee Gage.

Un tank des Forces armées syrienne dans la région de Hama au nord-ouest de la Syrie (image d'illustration). © AFP - George Ourfalian A Tank of the Syrian Armed Forces in the region of Hama in northwestern Syria (image of drawing).

The French investigation site Mediapart reveals that the NGO SOS Christians of the East is suspected of complicity of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria. The Central Fighting Office Against Crimes Against Humanity, Genocides and War Crimes has been interested since 2020 with the potential support of the NGO to the Bachar El-Assad regime and its militias.

On its site, Sos Christians of the East presents itself as an apolitical association having helped in help to the oriental Christians in danger.

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 Lead 1-Ukraine-Scholz and Biden qualify the situation of Ukraine-crisis / Germany-USA (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-Ukraine-Scholz and Biden qualify the situation of "extremely serious " (updated with white house communiqué, details) Berlin / Washington, 16 February (Reuters) - The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the US President Joe Biden agreed that it was necessary to consider as" extremely serious "the situation in Ukraine As the risk of a new military offensive of Russia, Wednesday reported the government spokesman in Berlin.

But what the Central Office to fight crimes against humanity, genocide and war crime goes to the end comb, it is the activities of the NGO in northwestern Syria around 2016. According to MediaPart , Sos Christians of the East collected several thousand euros and conducted humanitarian operations, in two municipalities of the Governorate of Hama, with the help of the Christian militias that hold these cities.

Simon Al-Wakil and Nabel Al-Abdullah, their leaders, belong to the national defense forces, a branch of the Syrian army, responsible, according to the NGO Human Rights Watch, war crimes. One of them was documented by another association, pro-justice that claims that 78 villagers including children murdered in a few hours, in the region.

This Friday, SOS Christians of East wanted to respond only to the Questions of the France Presse Agency. The NGO is defended from being an accomplice of the slightest crime and states that it has only distributed medications and foods to populations subject to jihadist group attacks.

The organization denounces a political trial from Mediapart which in its columns, also details the close links it has since its creation with the extreme right. With the National Gathering of Marine Le Pen and more recently with Éric Zemmour.

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