US News: Lead 1-a second Libyan government is oathing, the political crisis is getting

Campaign Clip of Éric Zemmour: Decision this Friday for the candidate, assigned for counterfeiting

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Libya-crisis / (lead 1, photo): lead 1-a second Libyan government takes an oath, the political crisis worsens

(updated with Oath)

Benghazi, Libya, March 3 (Reuters) - Fathi Bachagha lent oath as Libyan Prime Minister Thursday, a named appointment by his predecessor still in office who is likely to aggravate the political crisis, while the new Government accuses the executive in place to have removed two of its members.

Former Minister of the Interior of the Government of Tripoli, Fathi Bachagha was appointed Prime Minister last month by the Parliament of Tobrouk.

After the approval of his government team on Tuesday, he was sworn in Thursday before the same Parliament of the Eastern Libya, controlled by the Libyan National Army (ANL) of Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

Annual Chinese Parliament Session: China targets 5.5% growth in 2022

 Annual Chinese Parliament Session: China targets 5.5% growth in 2022 © Reuters - Carlos Garcia Rawlins Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the National People's Assembly, March 5, 2022. in China, it was, Saturday, March 5, the opening of the annual session of the Chinese Parliament in Beijing with the traditional Chinese Prime Minister and the announcement of growth objectives: about 5.5% this Year according to Li Keqiang, who also promises measures to stabilize the Chinese economy, in a context of uncertainties linked to the pandemic a

but Abdulhamid Dbeibeh, Head of the Government of National Union trained last year under the aegis of the United Nations to try to end the conflict that has been driving the country for a decade after the failure of an offensive of forces From Hatar to Tripoli, refuses to yield power before holding elections.

In this tense context, the services of Fathi Bachagha said Thursday morning that his ministers of foreign affairs and culture had been abducted by a militia linked to the Government of Tripoli as they were trying to win Tobrouk by land.

The designated prime minister had complained Wednesday evening that Abdoulhamid Dbeibeh closed Libyan airspace to prevent the members of the new government from getting to Tobrouk.

Somalia: AMISOM reforms and becomes ATMES

 Somalia: AMISOM reforms and becomes ATMES © AFP / Mohamed Abdiwahad A contingent of Burundian soldiers stationed in Somalia under the command of AMISOM, in Mogadishcio on July 11, 2017. (picture of illustration) after Months of blockages, the Somali Government and the African Union finally agreed on a reform of the current AMISOM, the African Union Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia.

The intonisation of Fathi Bachagha as Prime Minister at the same time provokes United Nations reserves.

The United Nations Secretary-General's spokesman Antonio Guterres has echoed in a statement published in the night of "Concern" that the vote of confidence in the new government team Tuesday " Has not reached the required standards in terms of transparency and procedures "and was accompanied by" intimidation "before the session.

Djamal Chaabane, who had to become Minister of the Government of Fathi Bachagha, also announced that he renounced his post because of the doubts weighing the legitimacy of the vote of trust.

To exit the impasse caused by the one-year postponement of the presidential and legislative elections to be held at the end of December, lack of agreement between the two camps on their organization, the United Nations called on the latter to agree to allow the quick outfit of a new ballot.

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The Parliament of Tobrouk justified the appointment of a new government by asserting that Abdulhamid Dbeibeh expired at the end of December.

The Prime Minister in Power in Tripoli challenged this interpretation and warned that he would resign only after elections.

The positioning of the international powers will be crucial in the iron arm that is emerging between these two executives for the control of Libya, which reveals the spectrum of the territorial division and fighting between rival factions after a year and a half of relative accalmia .

Anchoring in Libya many militias with uncertain allegiances, as well as the presence of foreign forces in the field, including Russian and Turkish, makes the situation particularly volatile in this oil producing country.

(Ayman Report Al-Warfali, written by Angus McDowall; French version Myriam Rivet and Tangi Salaün, edited by Sophie Louet)

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