US News: USA-Research continues to find the armed man who made at least 23 wounded in New York

The rain invites himself to Houston and Marrakech

 The rain invites himself to Houston and Marrakech © provided by Tennis - ATP: The rain disturbs the program in Houston and Marrakech when you think of Houston and Marrakech, the idea that it can rain A whole day in these two cities does not necessarily come to mind. And yet, rare enough to be reported, no match of the first round of these two ATP tournaments could unfold on Monday. Whether in Texas or Morocco, the rain has not stopped from the day, and no ball of the main picture could not be exchanged.

USA metro - New York / Metro - Fusillade (Photo, TV): USA-Research continues to find the Armed Man who made at least 23 wounded in the New York

metro by Maria Caspani, Jonathan Allen and Rami Ayyub

New York, April 13 (Reuters) - New York Police launched a massive man hunt Tuesday After an armed man with a gas mask has launched a smoke bomb and opened fire in a subway train at rush hour, injuring more than 20 people.

The authorities declared that the man seemed to have acted alone and immediately fled the places. The attack took place at the station "36th Street", in the Sunset Park district, in Brooklyn.

Ten people were injured by bullets and five of them were transported to the hospital in a serious but stable state.

it goes for Bencic

 it goes for Bencic © provided by Tennis - WTA - Charleston: Bencic is doing well Belinda Bencic played scary. Number 10 Series Head at Charleston, Suissers ended up with a set of delay against Xiyu Wang, 149th World. Only one break in the seventh game was enough for the latter to take the advantage. An advantage that Chinese has confirmed by taking the service of the 21st World on a white game.

The police indicated that 13 other people had inhaled smoke or had been injured in another way in the chaos that reigned while the panicked users flee the subway wagon.

All victims should recover from their injuries, indicated the authorities.

The New York Police Check, Keechant Sewell, announced that a vehicle that would have been used by the assailant had been found in Brooklyn.

At a press conference, the police stated having identified a "suspect potential", Frank James, who would have rented the vehicle found in Brooklyn.

The police described the assailant as a man with imposing template, carrying an orange vest, a gray sweatshirt, a green helmet and a surgical mask.

Keechant Sewell explained that the assailant had gone out of the smoke bombs of his bag and triggered them before opening the fire.

Kramatorsk Attack: 39 Civilians perish in the train station, 100 wounded

 Kramatorsk Attack: 39 Civilians perish in the train station, 100 wounded © Andrea Carrubba / Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency VIA AFP L A Ukrainian railway company Ukrzaliznytsia denounces a "deliberate strike". At least 39 people were killed and 100 others wounded in the attack that affected Friday, April 8 in the morning Kramatorsk Station, in the east of Ukraine . Hundreds of people were present to flee the region.

The police found a semi-automatic pistol, three chargers, a hatchet, fireworks and a container filled with gasoline.

The poison of the New York police added that the attack was not considered immediately as a terrorist act, stating that the reason for the attack was still unknown.

She added that the investigators had discovered a number of publications disseminated on social networks and related to an individual named Frank James mentioning the issue of homeless and Mayor of New York.

New York has been experiencing for several months a outbreak of firearm violence and repetitive attacks in public transport.

(with Aleks Michalska, Brendan McDermid, Andrew Kelly, Tyler Clifford, Brendan O'Brien, David Shepardson, Steve Holland, Doina Chiacu and Sarah N. Lynch, Andrew Hay, written by Rami Ayyub and Steve Gorman; French version Camille Raynaud)

more than twenty wounded in new clashes in Jerusalem .
© Ahmad Gharabli of the Palestinians facing Israeli police in the old town of Jerusalem, April 17, 2022 clashes between Palestinians and Israelis have done more than Twenty wounded Sunday on and near the esplanade of the mosques in Jerusalem, the third holy place of Islam, which had been the theater Friday of violent clashes.

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