US News: between Macron and Le Pen, an unequivocal choice

A four days of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen challenges

 A four days of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen challenges © Philippe Wojazer / Pool / AFP Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in 2019 Favorites of the first round of the presidential, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen , compete away, this Wednesday, April 6, in the media at the moment when, according to the polls, the gap between the two is reduced.

  Entre Macron et Le Pen, un choix sans équivoque © Copyright 2022, Obs

so the polls have spoken. Thus so the redoubted scenario by many of our fellow citizens has realized: the extreme right has risen in the second round of the presidential election for the third time in twenty years (after 2002 and 2017). At the end of this unpublished ballot, which has been marked by a strong abstention (26%, higher level since 2002), and saw Jean-Luc Mélenchon miss the march of the qualification of very few (422 000 votes ), the French are again called to arbitrate a duel between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, but this time in a completely different context. Because what can appear as a simple reissue of the 2017 vote is actually a misleading remake, all the more dangerous as it already discourages a large part of the voters.

Macron, Le Pen or Mélenchon: Who has come to the lead in your department?

 Macron, Le Pen or Mélenchon: Who has come to the lead in your department? © Copyright 2022, Obs A France cut in two. This is the observation, limpid, which allows us to draw up our map of the departmental results of the first round of the presidential election . By dye each department of the candidate's color arrived (yellow for Emmanuel Macron, Gray for Marine Le Pen and Red for Jean-Luc Mélenchon), the result obtained is a two-tone card, yellow and black, with two red tasks.

five years of exercise of macronistic power, from the truth of the extreme right and exhaustion of the Republican Front are there: the possibility of a victory of Marine Le Pen is no longer only theoretical, it is all. actual. In other words, it is not at all excluded that Emmanuel Macron ends up losing this election.

It's not about shaking the fears unnecessarily, but to look at reality in front. Because if Emmanuel Macron can boast of having made a very significant score for an outgoing president in the first round (27.8% of the votes), he has few reserves of votes after having siphoned Sunday. Electorate of former government parties, PS and LR, today exsangues. In the face, Marine Le Pen can avail the contribution of the voices of Eric Zemmour and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, signing the rooting of the extreme right in the French polling polling landscape (32% of the Total votes in 2022, compared to 26% in 2017 and 19% in 2002).

"Marianne is a sick woman": the first round of the presidential desidential from abroad

 © Copyright 2022, Obs "As we find ourselves" for "in the evening" in Belgium or "Macron Le Pen, ACT II "For" Time "in Switzerland, on Monday, April 11, the neighboring press reacted to the duel between the outgoing President and the national gathering candidate scheduled for April 24th. And this remake of 2017, in a different context, did not fail to react all the planet.

Why the Duel Macron-Le Pen of 2022 is more dangerous than that of 2017

Video: Nicolas Bay: "There is a kind of indifference with regard to the candidacy of Marine Le Pen" (France 24)

It must be said that Macron, far from getting back the extreme right as it had made the promise in 2017, has sometimes openly favored during his five-year, in a game that is not free of cynicism that returns to him in Boomerang. These political choices, like the marked orientation on the right of his mandate, discouraged more than one left elector who had agreed to burn Le Pen five years ago. But it is precisely this electorate, drawn from the 7.7 million votes harvested by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who should arbitrate in fine the second round of this year.

perilous battle against the rejection of macron, and which threatens its re-election, so it must be hammered what the accession of Marine Le Pen would like to the Elysée and deconstruct the storytelling of the "mouse of state". 'She wants to impose. The far-right candidate, who was able to integrate left-wing measures to better seduce the popular classes, has actually not changed from his xenophobic fundamentals and proposes a heavy policy of threats to our country. The France of Le Pen is indeed National preference , a discriminatory and unconstitutional policy erected in a system. The France of Le Pen, it would be the public freedoms trimmed, and in particular the first, freedom of expression, paving the way for an illiberal democracy on the model of the Hungary of Viktor Orbán. The France of Le Pen, it would finally be a place dedicated internationally, pushing our country in the arms of Putin and destabilizing the European arc that currently supports Ukraine in the total warfare of Russia.

Presidential: How Macron wants to stand out from Le Pen on Europe

 Presidential: How Macron wants to stand out from Le Pen on Europe © Ludovic Marin / AFP After the Hauts-de-France, President-Candidate Emmanuel Macron goes to the Great East Tuesday, and in particular in Strasbourg To invest the subject of Europe, central in its program. The Macron candidate will focus on his European project radically different from that of his Rivale Marine Le Pen. A visit to the Grand East to score the big gap on the European issue.

Immigration, Putin, judicial affairs ... What Marine Le Pen wants to erase a "Obs", our position is clear, we are resolutely against this society which is diametrically opposed to the values ​​we defend from the foundation of our newspaper. Between Macron and Le Pen, so you have to make an unequivocal choice to preserve the fundamentals of the Republic. From this point of view, "not give one voice" to the far right, as hammered four times Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the evening of the first round, can not suffice: take refuge in abstention, it On the contrary, take the risk of leaving Marine Le Pen access to power. That's why the far-right barrage means voting Macron in 2022, as it was necessary to vote Chirac in 2002. We can not play with fire. Each voice will have in this perilous battle for the defense of our democracy.

presidential. Marine Le Pen asserts not to be climatosceptic .
© Julien de Rosa / AFP Marine Le Pen in Saint-Remy-sur-Avre (Eure-et-Loir), April 16, 2022. Guest this Sunday 17 April 2022 of the 'France 3' Politic Sunday, Marine Le Pen has challenged any climateoscepticism. She also accused Emmanuel Macron to make the presidential campaign more "tense". Marine Le Pen was defended this Sunday, April 17, 2022 to be "climateosceptics ", after the accusations launched on Saturday, April 16 in Marseille by Emmanuel Macron.

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