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Russia and Ukraine always "ok" to negotiate in Turkey

 Russia and Ukraine always © Copyright 2022, Obs Russia and Ukraine are always "ok" to meet for talks in Turkey Despite recent field-made abuses, said on Friday, April 8 a Turkish senior. But Moscow and kyiv "stay away from agreeing on a common text," said journalists this high level manager, refusing to be named. A Borodianka, "If our soldiers did not fight street after street, kyiv would be taken ..." The question of the status of Crimea (annexed by Russia in 2014) and Donbass (Eastern Region of the Eastern Ukraine whe

Un membre de MSF dans un centre médical à Lviv le 10 avril 2022. © AFP An MSF member in a medical center in Lviv on April 10, 2022.

"The Ukraine war is a major crisis," recalls Thierry. ALLAFORT DUVERGER, General Manager of Médecins Without Borders France, and Michaël Neuman, Crash Studies Director (Center for Reflection and Action on Humanitarian Knowledge) of MSF. Who also asks "do not forget the rest of the world"

for MSF, the war in Ukraine is the occasion of a confrontation with the standard and the exception. Our organization is running in the care of its victims, as well as displaced and refugee populations.

There are, however, singular elements in this war that question the answer we are able to bring.

"Looks" - Putin does not want to attach Ukraine but destroy

 "Is the goal of Putin really to occupy all Ukraine? Is not it rather to destroy Ukraine and empty it from its population? Questions Laurent Thiberge. [...] When he went from war, he does not think so conquest but neanement of the enemy. © Provided by the world A journalist notes the magnitude of the damage after a Russian bombing on the city of Byshiv, in the vicinity of kyiv on March 27.

Thus, Ukraine has medical infrastructures and quality academic training.

Today health staff is massively stayed on site, taking care of the wounded wounded, without much need for the moment to use outside staff. In addition, international mobilization is exceptional, from the economic and humanitarian military point of view. We have allocated dozens of tons of medical and surgical equipment since the beginning of the conflict, especially in cities under severe military pressure, such as Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Mikolayiv. Elsewhere, in Ukrainian hospitals located at the back of the front lines such as kyiv or Odessa, we provide training for the management of a massive influx of injured.

But it is in cities out of access for MSF that are the most acute medical needs. Maroupol is pounded and besieged by the Russian army. It is extremely dangerous to route teams and evacuate wounded. On March 23, we had to give up the sending of a help truck due to the lack of safety guarantees and mines on the roads. As in Aleppo or Mosul a few years ago MSF emergency medical operations, therefore, remain for the limited time, even as MSF leaders and operating managers are subject to significant internal and external pressures to act.

war in Ukraine: kyiv opened 5,600 war crimes investigations committed by Russia

 war in Ukraine: kyiv opened 5,600 war crimes investigations committed by Russia The Attorney General of Ukraine qualified Putin of "Main Criminal War of the 21st Century" © Vadim Ghirda / AP / SIPA A inhabitant seeking personal effects in a building destroyed during the fighting between the Ukrainian and Russian forces in Borodyanka, Ukraine, on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Conflict - The Attorney General of Ukraine qualified Putin of "Principal War Criminal 21st century " is an international marathon of international law.

This degradation intervenes in a particularly difficult year

The war in Ukraine is a major crisis: nearly a quarter of the Ukrainian population has been moved within three weeks. And it is likely that the hard conflict, causing a breathtaking of solidarity both in respect of displaced and refugees in countries bordering that the local health system, which thus risks weakening. We must have already been invested in the long run. We can also and must also be active with the left behind.

Because the silent victims of the conflict are numerous: all those who have not been able to flee, especially the elderly but also the mental patients or the people in institutions. We may be able to ensure the continuity of their treatment for chronic diseases, for example, or to overcome the lack of family support.

Moreover, we already know that this war will have global repercussions, because of the weight of Ukraine in the world production of wheat, corn, sunflower and that of Russia in the production of oil and gas. The increase in prices already recognized will continue very probably.

This degradation occurs in a year that we had already planned as particularly difficult.

Afghanistan faces an extremely difficult position in both financial and food, while the continued rise in cereal prices accelerates the fragility of the nutritional status of the Sahel's population, to name only these regions.

Thus, while having as a large part of the world eyes riveted on Ukraine and the consequences of the war, it is important for not, to forget the rest of the world.

The point on the Russian invasion of Ukraine .
© Fadel Senna a building of Vizar's military-industrial complex, affected by Night Russian strikes, in the suburbs of kyiv, April 15, 2022 Situation on The ground, international reactions, sanctions: the point on the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. - Moscow aims at a military factory in kyiv - a military equipment factory manufacturing the tanks has been targeted Saturday morning by a bombing in the suburbs of kyiv, found a reporter from AFP.

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