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US News: police pulls positive balance after the Rheinische Derby

Belgium. Two dead and wounded in a car accident carrying a majority of French

 Belgium. Two dead and wounded in a car accident carrying a majority of French © AFP / Jonas Roosens The accident occurred midday this Sunday, April 10, 2022, in the province of Antwerp, of the locality of Schoten. two passengers of a bus registered in France are dead and several others were seriously wounded in a road accident in northern Belgium this Sunday, April 10, 2022. The 35-year-old French driver, then been tested positive to narcotics and challenged by the Belgian police.

The police have pulled a satisfactory conclusion after the Rhenish Derby on Saturday night. The measures taken would have paid off - even after closing whistle the game, when some fans of Borussia Mönchengladbach brought their displeasure.

Fans von Borussia Mönchengladbach auf dem Vereinsgelände nach dem 1:3 gegen den 1. FC Köln. © imago / rhr-photo fans by borussia mönchengladbach on the club grounds after the 1: 3 against the 1st FC Cologne.

Gladbach: Fans after 1: 3 defeat on the club grounds

It was the second derby defeat for the foals: On Saturday night, the Borussia lost its own audience with 1: 3, the first leg in Cologne went 4: 1 to the FC . After the second bankruptcy, which preceded a renewed performance, some VfL followers went to the club premises and wanted to talk about those responsible. At the office, however, this group was set by the emergency forces, as the police Mönchengladbach announced in the night of Sunday. The responsible Mönchengladbach confirmed the information.

Attack with the knife in Israel, the Palestinian assailant was killed by the police

 Attack with the knife in Israel, the Palestinian assailant was killed by the police the situation remains tense in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The Israeli police have shot up on Tuesday morning a Palestinian who had just stabmed to a police officer in the city of Ashkelon in the southern Hebrew state.

Gladbach's Media Director Aretz: "This is unusual for us and long does not happen"

After some representatives of the five-time German master and some players had put the discussions with the fans, the situation calmed down quickly, the danger of escalation was not. Then the followers left the club grounds again, the situation remained calm and was at any time under control. "That's unusual for us and for a long time," said media director Markus Aretz nevertheless. Because in entering the club grounds, three folders have been violated, and the team bus of the Cologne should also have been slightly damaged.

This does not change anything in a total positive course of the Rheinische Derbys - not only in departure, also in advance and during the game, the police had little objectionable. "The fans of both clubs have been able to behave peacefully and thus helped the focus of the football match on the field," said the Mönchengladbach police who had to pronounce only a few criminal charges.

Borussia Mönchengladbach: Fans storm a club grounds - three folders injured .
Around the Rheinische Derby, according to the police, several criminal charges were reimbursed. Gladbacher fans penetrated the club grounds - the police could not confirm a tried cabin storm. © Imago / Revierfoto Fans of Borussia Mönchengladbach are police information after 1: 3 in the Rheinische derby against the 1st FC Cologne for the club grounds on the Borussia Park. The followers could be determined at the office, as the police announced after the party of the Football Bundesliga.

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