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US News: Union receives Eintracht Frankfurt: A game between the highlights

former Eintracht coach Hütter pushes against Barça Thumbs

 former Eintracht coach Hütter pushes against Barça Thumbs The former Frankfurt coach Adi Hütter is looking forward to the Europa League quarterfinal of Eintracht against FC Barcelona and hopes for a success of his ex-team. "Of course I look at the game," said the current coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach on Thursday. "Of course, I keep the harmony of the thumb and I'm curious how they present." © Federico Gambarini / DPA / archive image Mönchengladbach's trainer Adi Hütter.

of the 1st FC Union meets on Sunday on Frankfurt Europapokal heroes - for goalkeeper Frederik Rönnow it is a special game.

Gut in Form. Frederik Rönnow zeigte in Abwesenheit des erkrankten Andreas Luthe starke Leistungen und darf sich Hoffnungen auf einen Stammplatz machen. © Photo: Contrast / Imago Good in shape. Frederik Rönnow showed strong achievements in the absence of the diseased Andreas Luthe and may hopes for a punch.

The miracle of Barcelona has not lived in Urs Fischer live. When Eintracht Frankfurt celebrated the historical success at Camp Nou last Thursday, Fischer was in Friedrichshain with his coaching rod in the hall in Friedrichshain, looked at the play-off victory of the polar bears against the Cologne Haie . "I have fun with ice hockey, and only then I went home and looked at the game Frankfurt against Barcelona," said the coach of the 1. FC Union on Friday.

Glasner and the difficult spaghat in the fight for Europe

 Glasner and the difficult spaghat in the fight for Europe physically and Mental demanded all the 90 minutes against Barcelona of Eintracht on Thursday. On Sunday against Freiburg, players and trainers are faced with the challenge of recalling a top performance to maintain the chance for a new participation in the European Cup. © imago / nordphoto It goes directly in the season final spurt: Oliver Glasner and Frankfurt are demanded against Freiburg.

he had to watch that yes, because on Sunday (5.30 pm, live at Dazn), the Eintracht in Köpenick is guests. Three days after the triumph in front of 80,000 spectators in Barcelona, ​​the team of Oliver Glasner in the small stadium at the ancient Försteri must fight to participate in the next European season.

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It's a bit for both teams Funny appointment landed between the highlights. Frankfurt's coach Oliver Glasner slipped only a few days ago on the lawn at Camp Nou, and may already look forward to the semi-final duels against West Ham United. Meanwhile, Fischer has to hold his team between the Derby victory of the past week and the pokal half-final at RB Leipzig on Wednesday at operating temperature.

Eintracht fans make their anger air

 Eintracht fans make their anger air The Eintracht curve has expressed its opinion before the duel against the SC Freiburg on banners. In focus: your own club, but also certain followers. © Provided by Eintracht fans make their anger air "Your app is scrap and the ticketing system a joke - that must be this Eintracht-feeling ..." Rumms! The fans of Eintracht Frankfurt have expressed their disease against the Bundesliga game against the SC Freiburg (1: 2) .

Before the game on Sunday, the Swiss called "emotional control. Of course, a certain euphoria is also part of it, which is taken with that, "he said back to the derby. "But it starts at zero. I've been told after the Hertha game : It also applies to confirm the performance. "Finally, this game could be just as important to both teams as the poked pokal mine. Union is currently five points in front of Frankfurt on seventh rank, and can move closer to international squares with a victory. For harmony, it is about not losing the connection in the race to Europe.

"The team knows this situation, which was in the game against Cologne in about a same starting position," Fischer said overlooking the last home win of the Köpenicker. "Just at home with the support of our audience we want the three points." Frankfurt is next to FC Bayern one of two Bundesliga clubs, the Union could not defeat the Union in his own stadium.

sports betting: Frankfurt in Barcelona Krasser Outsider

 sports betting: Frankfurt in Barcelona Krasser Outsider Eintracht Frankfurt enters despite the 1: 1 from the first leg in the quarter-final return match of the Europa League at FC Barcelona as a clear outsider. © Provided by Sports Betting: Frankfurt in Barcelona Krasser Outsider Football Bundesligaist Eintracht Frankfurt enters despite the 1-1 from the first leg in the quarter-final return match of the Europa League on Thursday in Barcelona as a clear outsider.

in his two years in Frankfurt and in the past season at Schalke he was Rönnow only second choice

for it that it works with the home win this time also speaks the form of an earlier Frankfurter in the Union Gate. Frederik Rönnow has never lost in his nine missions for Union so far, and on Sunday he should be between the posts. As Fischer explained, the diseased Andreas Luthe "back on the way", but a deployment but still questionable.

But even if Luthe is back at 100 percent, he has to worry about his punch. For almost two years he was the undisputed number one in Köpenick, but his latest failure opened the door for Rönnow.

For this, it is also a way to finally give fresh wind to his Bundesligac array after three years. In 2018, the Dane came to Frankfurt with a lot of hope of Bröndby IF, but as he told this week in club television, the start started back: "The first year in Frankfurt was very difficult. I had a violation after three, four weeks, then Kevin Trapp and I did not play so much. "

in his two years in Frankfurt and in the past season at Schalke, he was often second choice. That was last at Union, but now he has just made his chance to apply for a regular place in the long term for his former club. Whether he goes in the new season with the Berliners in Europe, remains open. A win on Sunday would definitely help.

The Bundesliga beckons a fifth Champions League Square .
Eintracht Frankfurt and RB Leipzig are close to the Europa League Triumph. Which consequences for the distribution of European epocal places? © Imago Images (2) Expandable Away Jubor: RB Leipzig in Bergamo, Eintracht Frankfurt in Barcelona.

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