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US News: Night Night with Rocket Tests: North Korea tests Tactical Steering Weapon

The first private mission ready to take off to the ISS

 The first private mission ready to take off to the ISS © Joe Raedle / Getty Images North America / Getty Images Via AFP The Falcon 9 Rocket 9 of Space X. is still a first at the initiative of Spacex. A rocket of the ELON MUSK company will put on orbit this Friday the first private crew to the ISS. The members of the Mission Axiom 1 will pass ten days in space.

The self-explained North Korea, according to its own statements, has successfully tested a novel tactical steering weapon. The development of this weapon system increases the efficiency in the use of "tactical nuclear weapons", reported the state media on Sunday without calling the time of the test or other details.

Nach eigenen Angaben hat Nordkorea eine neu entwickelte taktische Lenkwaffe erfolgreich getestet. © DPA According to their own information, North Korea has successfully tested a newly developed tactical steering weapon.

Kim Jong UN ruler has monitored the test. The General Staff of the South Korean forces confirmed the test and first spoke of two "projectiles", the North Korea fired on Saturday night (local time) towards the open sea in the east. They were flown about 110 kilometers far. Experts suspected that it could be ballistic short-range missiles.

Iceland, Earth of Polars, is worried about a series of violent acts

 Iceland, Earth of Polars, is worried about a series of violent acts © AFP A God, "the most peaceful country of the world"? Several shifts and white weapon attacks have been disturbing in recent months the usual quietness of Iceland , linked according to the police to criminal bands. At the top of the Global Peace Index (Global Peace Index) Since its integration in the classification in 2008, the small nation of 375,000 inhabitants is more accustomed to crime stories in its famous poles than one of the media.

missiles can also wear an nuclear bias head

UN Resolutions prohibit North Korea the testing of ballistic missiles of any range, which can also wear a nuclear bound head depending on the design. Ballistic rockets are usually ground floor missiles that mostly have a control system. North Korea had already tested multiple missiles this year.

At the end of March, neighboring countries were alerted by the launch of a North Korean intercontinental rocket (ICBM). ICBM have ranges more than 5500 kilometers. North Korea is subject to hard international sanctions due to its nuclear weapons program. (dpa)

North Korea tests a new armament system to improve the effectiveness of its nuclear weapons .
Pyongyang had shot an intercontinental ballistic missile last month. © Provided by FranceInfo Pyongyang continues its provocations. The North Korean Leader Kim Jong-One oversaw the test shot of a new armament system that will increase the effectiveness of its tactical nuclear weapons, announced on Sunday, April 17 the state media.

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