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US News: "I find them a little stupid": Véronique Genest Cash on Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Idend in TPMP (VIDEO)

Magali Berdah in tears on TPMP: The beautiful declaration of love of his daughter Shauna

 Magali Berdah in tears on TPMP: The beautiful declaration of love of his daughter Shauna © Magali Berdah in tears on TPMP: The beautiful declaration of love of his daughter Shauna we do not present more Magali bedah . True BusinessWoman, she has created a real empire with her company Shauna Events. Having become the most popular agency by influencers and reality-based candidates, Shauna Events knew how to make a name in the middle. Magali Bedah has then become a public personality that now has its place as a columnist in key not to my position on C8.

“Je les trouve un peu stupides” : Véronique Genest cash sur Matthieu Delormeau et Gilles Verdez dans TPMP (VIDEO) © Capture at Jordan "I find them a little stupid": Véronique Genest Cash on Matthew Delormeau and Gilles Ideas in TPMP (VIDEO) In the show at Jordan, Véronique Genest revealed that she did not particularly appreciate two touch columnists in my position: Matthew Delormeau and Gilles Idezy.

Guest in the emission at Jordan , Véronique Genest made confidences on the death of his mother , on the critics she can receive, or on the emission does not touch my post. Indeed, the actress has several times received proposals in order to become columnist for Cyril Hanouna , but she has always refused for lack "of envy". questioned on the program broadcast on C8, the iconic figure of Julie LesCaut claimed that she finds the animator of the string "talented", that he "leads his boat" and she has "nothing to reproach him". On the other hand, it is not the same chorus when it comes to the columnists.

Corsica: The deafening silence of Gilles Simeoni

 Corsica: The deafening silence of Gilles Simeoni The President of the Executive Board of Corsica has no longer expressed publicly since April 3rd. "To get out of the tension situation experienced by Corsica and a conflict logic that has been prevailing for fifty years, a single sustainable and efficient solution: the commitment of the process of discussion between Corsica and the State. The Lapidaire Tweet, with another supporting the Mayor of Ajaccio, is the last public word of Gilles Simeoni and dates from April 3rd.

"reasonings sometimes a little idiot"

gallery: the z'amours: fired after a joke about domestic violence, Tex persists and sign (Marie France)

En 2017, le présentateur vedette des Z’amours était licencié après une « blague » sur les violences conjugales. Une sortie plus que douteuse que l’animateur ne semble absolument pas regretter.

"There is only I do not like At all ", she said by referring to Gilles Ideas, she " finds a little stupid ". "I do not even want to argue with him. and then there is another that I find it nice but stupid, is Matthew Delormeau ", revealed Véronique Genest, without chewing his words. "I think he has reasonings sometimes a little idiots ... it's my opinion," justified, feeling that "it's not a bad boy" but he "is especially manipulated enough". "I feel (...) I do not know why" , she added, somewhat surprising her interlocutor, luxury Jordan.

No animosity towards these columnists but a categorical opinion

"it is perso but I did not look until it either", has developed about Matthieu Delormeau. "I have the impression that he is in a kind of chapel (...) A group of people who will defend a chapel, whatever happens. That's what I feel", A-T- She added, indicating that it is his opinion on the columnist of Cyril Hanouna, but also for Gilles Ideas. However, Véronique Genest has stimulated that it is felt " of them and has " no animosity " towards them. "I have no reason not to love them, but let's say they are not people with whom I want to discuss", has chained before Jordan de luxe does not change the subject . About the entire issue at Jordan dedicated Véronique Genest in our video player at the top of this article.

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