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US News: more than twenty wounded in new clashes in Jerusalem

deadly clashes in Jenin: a militant of the Islamic jihad killed in fighting with ISAhal

 deadly clashes in Jenin: a militant of the Islamic jihad killed in fighting with ISAhal A militant of the Islamic Jihad was killed clashes with the Israeli army which encircled in Jenin the house the author of the mortal attack on Thursday evening to Tel Aviv. View on Euronews © AFPTV Tires on fire during clashes in Jenin on 9 April 2022 A Palestinian activist was killed in Jenin in clashes with the Israeli army. The drama took place Saturday morning when Tsahal encircled the house of Palestinian who had killed three Israelis and wounded a dozen other Thursday night in Tel Aviv.

Des Palestiniens face à des policiers israéliens dans la Vieille ville de Jérusalem, le 17 avril 2022 © Ahmad Gharabli of the Palestinians facing Israeli police in the old town of Jerusalem, April 17, 2022

clashes between Palestinians and Israelis have done more than Twenty wounded Sunday on and near the esplanade of the mosques in Jerusalem, the third holy place of Islam, which had been the theater Friday of violent clashes.

Early Sunday, "hundreds" of Palestinian protesters have begun to raise "stones" on the esplanade shortly before the arrival of Jews who can visit this place, considered the most sacred of Judaism, at accurate hours and under Certain conditions, the police indicated.

Israel's forces entered the esplanade of the mosques, called Mount of Temple by the Jews, in order to "dislodge" these protesters and "restore order", said the police while witnesses and Rescuers reported a dozen Palestinians wounded in these clashes.

Belgium. Two dead and wounded in a car accident carrying a majority of French

 Belgium. Two dead and wounded in a car accident carrying a majority of French © AFP / Jonas Roosens The accident occurred midday this Sunday, April 10, 2022, in the province of Antwerp, of the locality of Schoten. two passengers of a bus registered in France are dead and several others were seriously wounded in a road accident in northern Belgium this Sunday, April 10, 2022. The 35-year-old French driver, then been tested positive to narcotics and challenged by the Belgian police.

The Palestinian Red Crescent reported 19 Palestinian wounded, five of which were evacuated in local hospitals, pointing out that some of the wounded had been achieved by rubber bullets.

These incidents intervene while Sunday from Christian Easter festivities, as well as prayers for Pessah, the Jewish Passover, and for the Muslim month of Ramadan in the old town of Jerusalem, Carrefour of the three monotheistic religions.

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at the same time, on the edge of the old town, located in the eastern part of Jerusalem occupied by Israel since 1967, of young Palestinians have launched stones towards coaches carrying Israeli civilians, including minors, including minors, including minors. According to the police.

Jerusalem's Shaare Zedek Hospital reported seven lightweight wounded by these stone jets aimed at coaches near the Wall of Lamentations, the most sacred prayer in the Jewish tradition, while the Israeli police reported. 18 arrests.

Foncing to Lviv, a medical train carries wounded east of Ukraine

 Foncing to Lviv, a medical train carries wounded east of Ukraine © AFP F towards Lviv, a medical train transports wounded to evacuate them, far from the violent fighting of the east of the east ' Ukraine . For Evguen Perepelytsia, electrician before the war, he is the hope to finally review his children, a few days after having brought death. "It is hoped that the worst is behind us, that after all that I have crossed, it will be better," says the 30-year-old man, lying on a bed in a wagon, fabricated in a gray blanket.

Video: Ethiopia: The UN "alarm" by the "serious" violations of human rights (Le Figaro)

"al-aqsa (name given also in Arabic to the esplanade mosques, NDLR) is ours, and to us only, and the Jews have absolutely no right to its place, "said Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Hamas political branch, Palestinian armed Islamist movement that controls The Gaza Strip.

"Jerusalem is at the center of the conflict (Israeli-Palestinian, NDLR), and we will continue to defend it in an open battle against occupants," said Haniyeh, while Hussein El-Sheikh, a tenor of the authority Palestinian of Mahmoud Abbas, called the international community to put an end to the flagrant aggression against the esplanade of the mosques.

In Palestinian districts of Jerusalem the mosques called the faithful to travel to the esplanade, according to AFP journalists. And in the Gaza Strip, more than a dozen rockets were drawn on Sunday morning to the Mediterranean Sea, according to media close to Hamas.

strong from their war experience, Syrians helping the Ukrainians

 strong from their war experience, Syrians helping the Ukrainians © AFP F Orts of a solid experience gained during the war in their country where the Russian forces intervened, Syrian opponents mobilize to help the Ukrainians to cure the wounded, help refugees or prepare for possible chemical attacks. After the beginning of the war in Syria in 2011, triggered by pre-proprietary events, President Bashar Al-Assad lost control of part of his country until Russian troops come to his rescue in 2015 for put it back in saddle.

- For "free" access -

Friday morning, after weeks of tensions related to attacks carried out by two Palestinians in the region of Tel Aviv and Israeli operations of "counterfeitor" in occupied West Bank, clashes had erupted between The police and protesters on the esplanade of the mosques, where are located the dome of the rock and the Al-Aqsa mosque.

Israeli forces were in particular into the Al-Aqsa mosque during these clashes that have made more than 150 Palestinian wounded and raised strong condemnations of Muslim countries.

Jordan, which administers the esplanade of the mosques, has made the responsibility of this new escalation of violence in Israel.

In a communiqué broadcast Sunday, the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs "denounces the irruption of Israeli forces in the Al-Aqsa mosque and the expulsion of the faithful (Muslims) by force to allow the entrance of extremists (Jews) under their protection ".

Sunday, during the traditional blessing "Urbi and Orbi" at the Vatican, Pope Francis pleaded for "free" access to the holy places in Jerusalem. "May Israeli, Palestinians and all the inhabitants of the Holy City, with pilgrims, experience the beauty of peace," said the Sovereign Pontiff.

The UN had called to a "de-escalation" in order to prevent the tensions into Jerusalem from being moult, as last year, at war between the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, in power in Gaza, territory under the Israeli blockade. About 80km from Jerusalem, and Israel.


New violence in Sweden after an extreme right manifestation .
The incidents broke out after a gathering of the anti-immigration and anti-Islam movement "hard line" led by the Dano-Swedish Rasmus Paludan, which is currently organizing a tour in Sweden Who has created several clashes between police and counter-protests in several cities in Sweden.

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