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US News: presidential. Marine Le Pen asserts not to be climatosceptic

Macron, Le Pen or Mélenchon: Who has come to the lead in your department?

 Macron, Le Pen or Mélenchon: Who has come to the lead in your department? © Copyright 2022, Obs A France cut in two. This is the observation, limpid, which allows us to draw up our map of the departmental results of the first round of the presidential election . By dye each department of the candidate's color arrived (yellow for Emmanuel Macron, Gray for Marine Le Pen and Red for Jean-Luc Mélenchon), the result obtained is a two-tone card, yellow and black, with two red tasks.

Marine Le Pen à Saint-Remy-sur-Avre (Eure-et-Loir), le 16 avril 2022. © Julien de Rosa / AFP Marine Le Pen in Saint-Remy-sur-Avre (Eure-et-Loir), April 16, 2022.

Guest this Sunday 17 April 2022 of the 'France 3' Politic Sunday, Marine Le Pen has challenged any climateoscepticism. She also accused Emmanuel Macron to make the presidential campaign more "tense".

Marine Le Pen was defended this Sunday, April 17, 2022 to be "climateosceptics ", after the accusations launched on Saturday, April 16 in Marseille by Emmanuel Macron.

During a meeting at the eco-friendly accents pronounced, the president-candidate thus launched on the candidate Rn that "even incompetent, it is climatosceptic" . "The choice is clear: the extreme right is a climato-skeptic project that wants to destroy wind turbines", still stated, to a week of the second round.

"Marianne is a sick woman": the first round of the presidential desidential from abroad

 © Copyright 2022, Obs "As we find ourselves" for "in the evening" in Belgium or "Macron Le Pen, ACT II "For" Time "in Switzerland, on Monday, April 11, the neighboring press reacted to the duel between the outgoing President and the national gathering candidate scheduled for April 24th. And this remake of 2017, in a different context, did not fail to react all the planet.

for Marine Le Pen, his project "takes into account the environment"

interviewed by France 3, Marine Le Pen responded to

"a project that precisely takes into account the environment" , and not to be "climatosceptic "

It reported its exchanges with vine growers who

"themselves find a change in climate". The candidate assured Wednesday that she would not go out " not from the Paris Agreement on the climate if she was elected on April 24th.

The NR candidate wants a moratorium on the wind and the photovoltaic

Marine Le Pen put on nuclear power to decarner the production of electricity and wants an

"moratorium" on the wind turbines and the photovoltaic, in addition to dismantling the Existing windings, preferring to expect renewable side on hydroelectricity and geothermal energy. While the RN had abandoned this field, Marine Le Pen defends a protectionist and identity ecology.

Presidential: In Martinique, what will the (many) Mélenchon voters do?

 Presidential: In Martinique, what will the (many) Mélenchon voters do? © Fanny Fontan / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP Despite its plebiscite in the overseas, Jean-Luc Mélenchon failed to qualify for the second round of the presidential election. If he did not give any precise voting instructions, the candidate has notified his electors not to vote for Marine Le Pen. Europe 1 met by voters Martiniquais, sometimes dismissed. "No voices for Mrs. Le Pen", repeated Jean-Luc Mélenchon the evening of the first round .

Marine Le Pen denounces a campaign based on "anathemas"


, it is "the typical example of an anathema that is founded on nothing" , she chained Sunday.

"From the moment he entered campaign, (Emmanuel Macron) made the choice to do it on the anathema, the insult to me. I think it is to hide the emptiness of his project "

, attacked the representative of the extreme right in turn.

"Apart from the retirement at age 65 and the proposals on the RSA, it has not been heard from the President of the Republic"

, according to Ms. Le Pen, who "will love (t) that this Campaign takes place argument against argument, project against project ". The return to the septennat decided by referendum

asked on the return to septennat


that it advocates, the candidate Rn has been ready to perform a five-yearn and possibly a septennat.

"It would be to the French to decide. It would not be a septennate for me but for the French "

, she said.

The return to Septennat

should be decided by a referendum, indicates the candidate, who also wants that "only the people by the voice of the referendum (May) modify the constitution".

presidential. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in "Seven to eight" on TF1, before the debate of April 20 .
© Joel Saget and Eric Feferberg / Archives AFP Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in May 2017, before the debate of the second round of The presidential election.

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