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Live - War in Ukraine: Putin demands the lifting of restrictions on cereal exports

 Live - War in Ukraine: Putin demands the lifting of restrictions on cereal exports © Sergey Pivovarov of the harvesters and harvesting wheat in a field of the Rostov region, in Russia, July 7, 2022. In summary: - Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Turkey’s mediation had made an advance on cereal exports while Kyiv accuses Russia of blocking deliveries. - Missile strikes have touched several cities in the East, killing Kramatorsk. In the south, in the Odessa region, there were at least six injured, including a child, according to the Ukrainian presidency.

are battle that the political talk shows during the summer break are not stopped by heated discussions: On Monday evening, Ralf Stegner (SPD) and Marie Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP), of all things, two members of the government coalition of an exchange of blows on the federal government's Ukraine policy-publicly visible to everyone on Twitter.

FDP-Politikerin Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (Archivbild) © dpa FDP politician Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (archive picture) Stegner dpa 190722 © dpa Stegner dpa 190722

background was a letter from the chairman of the defense committee in the Bundestag, Strack-Zimmermann to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) from Saturday. The FDP politician had asked to "put the cards on the table" and to clarify what Germany is currently doing for the Ukraine attacked by Russia and what could still be done in the coming weeks. She advocated a meeting in which representatives from politics and the Federal Chancellery, the armaments industry, the unions and the Bundeswehr coordinate further steps.

Emmanuel Macron expected in Gironde, the lights slow down

 Emmanuel Macron expected in Gironde, the lights slow down The Head of State is expected Wednesday in Gironde, struck for more than a week by two gigantic fires. © Eric Tschaen/Pool/ Resolution: Emmanuel Macron is expected Wednesday in Gironde, struck for more than a week by two gigantic fires which "very little progressed" in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday but are not still not fixed. The President of the Republic is expected around 3:15 p.m. at La Teste-de-Buch, on the Arcachon basin, then around 6:00 p.m.

Federal Government suggests Strack-Zimmermann from

, however, rejected the federal government on Monday. The letter will not react to the letter, the deputy government spokeswoman Christiane Hoffmann explained to the displeasure of Strack-Zimmermanns. The FDP politician immediately reacted with a speech at the short message service Twitter: "I do not hope that in this style in the Federal Chancellery for the months of asking Ukraine. Politician Ralf Stegner and commented on a tweet by the ARD journalist Kai Küstner on the subject of provocative. "Open 'letters' from MPs to the Federal Government" are "in reality press explanations," stated Stegner-"experienced MPs" knew this, according to the SPD politician. “Press explanations answer STV. Government spokesmen routinely, ”it said.

Air links between Madagascar and the suspended Comoros

 Air links between Madagascar and the suspended Comoros © Wikimedia An Air Madagascar plane at Tulear airport. While the national company Madagascar Airlines had announced a little more than three weeks the resumption of thefts between the sisters of the Indian Ocean, the latter are ultimately suspended "Following the cancellation of flight authorizations by the 'Competent authority ”, according to the company. With our correspondent in Antananarivo, Laetitia Bezain The Malagasy authorities remained very discreet on the reasons for this suspension.

Marie-Egnes Strack-Zimmermann: "Oh Mr. Stegner"

The Lies coalition colleague Strack-Zimmermann did not sit on her-a exchange of blows of the traffic light partners developed. "Oh Mr. Stegner," replied the FDP politician. "If we only hear on new, inexperienced MPs like you, even if they have not yet been as 'long and experienced' as I am in the Bundestag, then Ukraine now neither had its own government nor a chance of self -defense."

"How Always briefly returned - but unfortunately as too often by hair, over the facts, ”was Stegner's replica. He encounters many citizens every day who "expressly share my view," said the SPD politician. The "prudence of the Chancellor" would also be estimated by the citizens.

Strack-Zimmermann: "Less arrogance and more constructive factual work"

The renewed counterattack by Strack-Zimmermann promptly followed. "I give you an experienced advice," said the chairwoman of the Defense Committee and suggested Stegner "less arrogance and more constructive subject work". "After all, they have to lead a parliamentary committee of inquiry." In addition, Stegner should "whistle less La Paloma", since he himself always failed due to executive offices and responsibility. "Touché," replied Stegner. "With so much constructive objectivity, I stretch my weapons".

plenty of travel and traffic jams in the north

 plenty of travel and traffic jams in the north kilometers of traffic jams set drivers in some parts of Germany on Saturday. © Axel Heimken/dpa A long traffic jam has formed on the A7 motorway behind the Elbe tunnel. (Archive picture) in particular the north and Lower Saxony were affected by the holiday travel traffic, said a spokesman for the ADAC of the German Press Agency in Berlin. By the afternoon, the situation on the streets had “calmed down”. For Sunday afternoon, the ADAC again expected high traffic.

Ralf Stegner: "With so much constructive objectivity, I stretch the weapons"

While the parties on Twitter position themselves on Strack-Zimmermann's side in view of the approval rates for the respective spokesmanship of the two traffic lights, the opinion picture outside the short message service is Not quite as clear.

recently had suggested figures from the ZDF "Politbarometer" that the Germans are majority to support Ukraine despite high energy prices-Ukraine continued to support-70 percent of the respondents had spoken out for this. Critics of arms deliveries to Kyiv had often claimed in the past few weeks that the country had been divided on this question, so that the Chancellor's restraint was appropriate.

"How would the consent only be clear if the federal government would communicate clearly, consistently and without permanent description of possible horror scenarios?", Opposition politician Norbert Röttgen (CDU) had already commented on the survey values ​​in the past week. "In any case, people in Germany are ready to pay a price for peace and freedom."

Demand significantly increased: Railway back in the black numbers .
© provided by Wirtschaftswoche After high losses due to the Corona crisis in the past two years, Deutsche Bahn will re-write black this year. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = at least financially, the train is going up again. In addition to the increased demand, the logistics subsidiary Schenker in particular contributes to this. But the many returning passengers encounter chaotic conditions.

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