US News: The biggest mistakes in working in the home office

Tories chose candidates for Johnson's successor

 Tories chose candidates for Johnson's successor in the race for the successor of Premier Johnson, the conservative faction chose the finalists. Rishi Sinak or Liz Trus, the members of the British Tories now have to decide in a runoff election. © Pa Media/DPA/Picture Alliance Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss In a TV debate the applicant for the Tory Chair (Archive Picture) received the most votes when coordinating in the conservative parliamentary group. For former finance ministers Rishi Sunak , 137 deputies, for Foreign Minister Liz Truss 113.

The home office promises many freedoms in everyday work, but if you do not adhere to certain rules, the work does not only suffer. However, the most common mistakes in working in the home office can be easily avoided.

kozirsky / © provided by Kozirsky / Important framework conditions in Home Office

If you work regularly in the home office or are forced to do so by the Corona crisis brings. You have a time gain, because the way to and from work is eliminated, it is practical and comfortable.

But the home office also leads to inefficiency, and it is more difficult to leave the work literally in the office in order to be able to switch off properly. But these sources of error can be easily avoided when you are aware of how the home office should be designed.

Ukraine-Zelensky denies being sick, accuses Russian hackers of broadcasting false news

 Ukraine-Zelensky denies being sick, accuses Russian hackers of broadcasting false news Ukraine-crise/Zelensky-Santé (photo): Ukraine-Zelensky denies being sick, accuses Russian hackers of distributing false new kyiv, 21 July (Reuters) - President Volodimir Zelensky posted a video on Instagram on Thursday to reassure the Ukrainians on his state of health after the dissemination of what he described as false news by Russian "hackers".

The false outfit

The alarm clock rings, you jump out of bed in your pajamas, cook the first coffee and sit down to bed for working with the laptop. But here is the first mistake, because an outfit that is too comfortable leads to unproductive and tiredness.

Due to even casual clothing, you convey to yourself that this is not a regular working day. This attitude means that the daily tasks are not done quickly enough and at the same time self -esteem decreases. Accordingly, you should at least wear jeans or the like in the home office.

no adequate workplace

When working in the pajamas, the longing for the bed or the couch is even greater. But a suitable job is the be-all and end-all in the home office. This not only improves the effectiveness of work, the separation of the work environment and private life is also better.

Standard Macro blockade in Office returns

 Standard Macro blockade in Office returns © provided by Dr. Windows Office Logo Cover picture At the beginning of the year, Microsoft announced that VBA macros from unknown source in Office will be blocked by default in the future. However, when the measure was implemented, it had undesirable side effects, so it was pulled back, but at the same time announced that the plan applies unchanged. That was last week, was therefore assumed that it would take some time for Microsoft to make the necessary fine adjustments.

In addition, the body would suffer if it was not worked in a classic workplace. A table and an ergonomic chair are a must for the home office, if a study is still available, optimal framework conditions are created.

constant working hours

The everyday routine should also be maintained in the home office, get up at the same time and start work at the same time. The morning routine can be extended according to the elimination, but the rest of the working day should be significantly structured as in the office.

This means that work is usually done from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and the break takes place between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m., then this schedule should also be observed in the home office.

Access to the required software

Few things provide inefficient work than inadequate software. If the work laptop or the workstation at home does not have all the necessary programs and access that is common in the office, it makes it difficult to share work or make it impossible.

This should make stable access to all relevant data and platforms in advance. This is the only way to make a seamless work transfer between the office and home office.

Communication with colleagues

If the exchange with colleagues is neglected in the home office, this not only gives a feeling of isolation, but also the efficiency may suffer from it. Working processes must also be coordinated with team members when working in the home office, video conferences and meetings can and should continue to take place.

Communication via company chats allows constant exchange with colleagues, this is noted, it hardly makes any difference from where the work is carried out. Henry Ely / Redaktion

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