US News: Summer in the attic: This is how you survive the heat wave!

Malks and Facts around the summer heat

 Malks and Facts around the summer heat fact check © Picture Alliance / Svensimon drink against loss of fluid. claim: You shouldn't do sports in the heat. Rating: is partially correct. facts: Some people may not move in the heat, others need their sport. But is it actually harmful at hot temperatures? Even if the sun attracts outside, now it is not the moment to strive for new best times and go to his limit, chief physician Panagiotis Bouklas says in a contribution by the Helios St. Marienberg Klinik Helmstedt.

Currently groans all of Germany over the high summer temperatures. But it gets particularly hot for everyone who lives at the top of the house. An expert reveals what helps against the heat.

Dachgeschosswohnung mit Ventilator © ChuckCollier/iStock attic apartment with fan

If you live in the attic, knows the summer problem: the heat! In the last few days it has hardly been endured under the sloping walls. And in the next few weeks there will probably be some high temperature shocks. What really helps? Building physicist Luca Danilo Aryz now revealed this to " Business Insider ".

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11 Fast tips against the summer heat

 11 Fast tips against the summer heat Our vessels widen, the blood pressure drops: the great heat is a strong load for our body. We have eleven tricks with which you feel better! © iStockphoto What to do in heat? iStockphoto 1. Drink a lot (lukewarm tea) are the drinks too cold, the stomach must heat up again. Consequence: we sweat. Ideal: lukewarm sage tea and green tea. Drink one or two liters of water with one liter of tea. 2. Fresh fragrances with lemon scent in the room you feel much fresher.

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Why does it get so hot in the attic?

The fact that it gets so hot in the top floor in summer is mainly due to two reasons: on the one hand, the weird inclination of the windows favors the entry of solar energy. On the other hand, the roof cover heats up more than the rest of the house and passes this heat straight into the apartment like a huge heating.

heat in the attic: that really helps!

Well, installing air conditioning in the attic is effective, but also expensive. These three much cheaper and simple measures also help against heat:

1. Roller shutters

roller shutters hold the warm sun rays from getting into the apartment in the first place and therefore effectively help in heat on the top floor. These must be installed using roller shutters and absolutely downloaded in summer when the house is left.

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 In Greece, the fire which approached Athens finally contained © Reuters - Louiza Vradi A firefighters helicopter makes a water drop while a forest fire burns in the suburbs of Pikermi in Athens, In Greece, July 20, 2022. in Greece, after the mobilization of several hundred firefighters for two days, the important fire that had started on Tuesday north of Athens seems to be under control. Several villages and a hospital had been evacuated, but there is no longer any active front, depending on the help.

2. Sun protection films

As a cheaper alternative to roller shutters, it is also worthwhile in summer to attach to the windows on the inside of the sun protection. They reflect on the sunlight, which means that fewer heat can enter the building.

3rd rescue films

If you want to save even more money when protected against heat on the attic, you may have an old first aid case at home. In this there are rescue foils that prevent the view outside when gluing the windows, but are as highly reflective as sun protection films.

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Sleep and air conditioning: good reflexes to have .
© Istock Sleep and air conditioning: good reflexes to have in this summer period of very strong heat, which sometimes saw the heat wave, some people make the decision to sleep With the air conditioning on all night. A habit that can affect health if the air conditioner is not properly adjusted or maintained.

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