US News: To judge war crimes in Ukraine, Russia wants its own international tribunal with its allies

War in Ukraine must stop to avoid the "nuclear" precipice, according to President Bélarusse

 War in Ukraine must stop to avoid the © Belta/AFP/Archives The West, Ukraine and Russia must agree to avoid the "precipice "From the" nuclear war ", the President Bélarusse Alexandre Loukachenko, main ally of Russia on Thursday. "Come on, let's stop. We must not go further. Further on, it is the precipice. Further on, it is nuclear war. It should not go so far", he said. "You have to stop, get along, stop this chaos, the operation and the war in Ukraine," added Mr. Loukachenko.

Alexandre Bastrykine, chairman of the Russian Federation Investigation Committee, proposed the creation of a international tribunal on Monday 25 July to judge Ukrainians guilty of "war crimes and against humanity" of which its traditional allies would be part, such as Syria, Iran and Bolivia.

Ukrainians are responsible for war crime, assures Alexandre Bastrykine, Chairman of the Russian Federation Investigation Committee, body under the authority of Vladimir Putin and intended to educate business from corruption to crimes of war. In an interview published Monday July 25 in the Official Journal Rossïskaïa Gazeta , the lawyer claims that 1,300 files have been opened against Ukrainian policies and soldiers since the start of the offensive in Ukraine and, according to Russian preliminary investigations , 220 people are accused of "crimes against peace and security of humanity". Among them, "representatives of the high command of the Ukrainian armed forces, as well as commanders of military units who fired on civilians".

Ukraine: The conflict enters its 6th month, Moscow says it has targeted military targets at Odessa

 Ukraine: The conflict enters its 6th month, Moscow says it has targeted military targets at Odessa © AFP The Russian Invasion of Ukraine entered Sunday in its sixth month, after strikes on the port of 'Odessa which threaten the application of the agreement on the resumption of exports of cereals blocked by the war. Moscow assured Sunday that its strikes had destroyed the day before a Ukrainian military ship and missiles delivered by the United States in the port of Odessa, vital for the export of Ukrainian cereals.

What is a war crime?

who to judge them? For Alexandre Bastrykine, surely not international courts such as the International Criminal Court - whose skills are not anyway recognized by Russia. "Given the position of the collective West ', which openly sponsors Ukrainian nationalism and supports the kyiv regime, the creation of a court responsible for instructing war crimes" under the auspices of the 'UN from the current perspective is extremely doubtful, "said the president of the Russian investigation committee.

An international legal body with all the allies of Russia

Alexandre Bastrykine pleads for an alternative: the creation of a court where the allies and partners of the Kremlin would cooperate. He cites organizations such as the community of independent states (composed of the former republics of L'USSS ), the organization of the collective security treaty (which brings together Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan, Russia and Tadjikistan), BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as well as the Shanghai cooperation organization (bringing together, in addition to Russia, several countries of Central and South, as well as than China).

War in Ukraine. The perpetuity of the first Russian soldier convicted reduced to 15 years in prison

 War in Ukraine. The perpetuity of the first Russian soldier convicted reduced to 15 years in prison © Béatrice Le Grand / Archives Ouest-France The sentence of the Russian soldier who had killed a civilian in Ukraine was reduced to 15 years in prison, this Friday July 29, 2022 (illustration photo). A kyiv court announced on Friday July 29, 2022 that the perpetuity sentence to which a Russian soldier was sentenced in May, for having killed a civilian in Ukraine, was reduced on appeal. She is now 15 years in prison.

"The creation of the court and its charter could be formalized by an agreement between Russia, the member countries of these organizations", adds Alexandre Bastrykine, but also "the popular republics of Donetsk and Louhansk", the two regions of the Donbas Pro-Russian separatists.

The "People's Republic of Donetsk" now has its embassy in Moscow

of countries demonstrating "an independent position on the Ukrainian issue", which is not aligned on the West, could also be involved in these works, concludes Alexandre Bastrykin. Among them: Syria , Iran and Bolivia . Throughout the interview, it has never been a question of possible war crimes committed by the Russian forces in Ukraine or their criminal qualification, notes International Courier .

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War in Ukraine: in Odessa, despite the fear of bombing, port employees are ready to resume work .
Ukraine signed an agreement last Friday with Russia to relaunch cereal exports, which did not Not prevented Moscow from hitting the big southern city the next day. In the port, employees go to work with great apprehension. © provided by Franceinfo The port of Odessa, in the south of Ukraine , is a fortress guarded by soldiers. Aside from the army, only employees can enter it. Few people agree to speak out. The man who agrees to break the silence asks us to silence his name.

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