US News: Laurent Ournac his cash opinion on a famous film actor: "It has become a monster"

trend towards more payments without cash stops at

 trend towards more payments without cash stops at The payment without bills and coins received another thrust in Germany and in the euro area in the second year of Corona pandemic. © Christoph Soeder/dpa At the weekly market, some still pay with coin money. But overall, cash payments are declining. Last year 114.2 billion payments in the common currency area were handled in cash without them and thus 12.5 percent more than 2020, as the European Central Bank (ECB) announced on Friday in Frankfurt. The total value of the transactions rose by 18.

Laurent Ournac face au surpoids : © Laurent Ournac in front of overweight:

since the start of the summer, new episodes of Camping Paradis have been on the antenna on TF1. The opportunity for viewers to find every Monday evening the happy adventures of Tom Delormes, the main character, interpreted by Laurent Ournac , and his happy band.

Laurent Ournac dans Camping Paradis (Avant la sleeve) @ TF1 Production © provided by Starmag Laurent Ournac in Camping Paradis (before the Sleeve) @ TF1 Production

and since the launch of the series in 2006, Laurent Ournac has changed a lot. It has indeed relieved more than fifty kilos after having undergone a removal of the stomach in 2014 . A surgical operation which he had kindly mentioned the following year at the microphone of the Grandes Gueules. And the actor made a surprising revelation with regard to the motivations that pushed him to want to change her appearance.

Laurent Luyat Sad: new blow after his health concerns

 Laurent Luyat Sad: new blow after his health concerns © Bertrand Rindoff Petroff / Bestimage Laurent Luyat Sad: New blow after his health concerns while he gave up presenting his show Vélo Club for reasons In health on July 21, Laurent Luyat was very touched by another hard blow just after. Certainly, Laurent Luyat is going through of difficult times lately.

An inspiring figure in all areas?

Indeed, as Laurent Ournac said in the RMC program, is a legend of the 7th art which is, without his knowledge, at the origin of this decision to pass on the billiards. This is Gérard Depardieu , to whom he feared looks like over time. Laurent Ournac did not show himself tender with the 73 -year -old actor, although he recognized his undeniable immense talent:

He is one of the people who made me want to have my surgery. It is a sacred monster of cinema and I find that it has become a monster in short.

started, without tongue in wood. And to remember a scene that obviously marked it:

I saw it in this remake of DSK and the Sofitel affair, of Abel Ferrara. There, I told myself that I did not want to age like him and to become so physically monstrous. When he gets naked in the film, which he breathes hard, it looks like a beast. I said to myself: "No, you have to get back in hand! ».

Laurent Delahousse in love with Alice Taglioni: his message to his partner for a special occasion

 Laurent Delahousse in love with Alice Taglioni: his message to his partner for a special occasion © Yann Mansert / Kcs Press Laurent Delahousse in love with Alice Taglioni: his message to his partner for a special occasion as a couple with Alice Taglioni For several years, Laurent Delahousse rarely evokes this romantic relationship. But this Tuesday, July 26, 2022, the journalist put his modesty aside. In an Instagram post, he testified his love to the actress for a particular opportunity.

rather cash remarks that Gérard Depardieu did not consider it useful.

Gérard Depardieu @ DR © supplied by Starmag Gérard Depardieu @ Dr.2 A spectacular result while weighed more than 140 kilos before his operation, the weight of Laurent Ournac displayed 90 kilos on the scale after his sleeve. A great satisfaction for the 42 -year -old actor, who unfortunately did not last.

Laurent Ournac @Getty Images © supplied by Starmag Laurent Ournac @getty Images indeed, as he deplored last December on M Radio, he failed to maintain his

weight. A difficult situation to live the father: is hard to meet again pounds a few years later and to say that the body we didn't want to come back. It's pretty hard and it's quite violent for people who live that.

he explained to Sophie Davant. Fortunately, Laurent Ournac can count on the support of his little family. As a couple with Ludivine for several years, they have become the parents of Capucine, born in 2012, and a little Léon, which was born in 2019.

recently, he confided in the magazine us two on his new life With woman and children in Provence and said he was the height of happiness. Enough to do it somewhat putting your weight problems into perspective.


Laurent Ournac his Cash opinion on a famous film actor: "It has become a monster"


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