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government camp in the Senegal Absolute majority lost an

 government camp in the Senegal Absolute majority lost an in the parliamentary election in Senegal, the government coalition of President Macky Sall lost its absolute majority after the official result. According to the result published on Thursday, the government parties will also be the strongest strength in the future parliament. However, they have only two seats more than the largest alliance in the opposition. © John Wessels In the parliamentary election in Senegal, President Macky Sall's coalition lost its absolute majority.

Une électrice dans un bureau de vote de Dakar pour les élections locales, le 23 janvier 2022. © AFP - Seyllou A voter in a Dakar polling station for local elections, January 23, 2022.

in Senegal, preparations for the legislative elections This Sunday, July 31 is in progress. Some seven million Senegalese are called to the polls. One of the issues is that of participation. There are only a few days left to withdraw voter cards from the commissions installed in sub-prefectures or town halls.

With our correspondent in Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

in a room in the town hall of Dakar-Plateau, the cards are placed on a desk, classified in alphabetical order. Their holders arrive at the dropper.

"During the registration, they asked me to return in July, so I was able to recover the card easily, everything went well", salutes a voter. Another opine: “It is well organized, we have no difficulties. This is important because I am a citizen. »

Senegal-The coalition in power called having obtained a majority in the legislative elections

 Senegal-The coalition in power called having obtained a majority in the legislative elections senegal-selection/results (urgent): Senegal-the coalition in power called having obtained a majority in the legislative elections Dakar, August 1 (Reuters)-The coalition in the coalition Power in Senegal claimed the victory on Monday in 30 of the 46 Senegalese departments after the legislative elections which took place on Sunday, it would thus benefit from a short majority in Parliament.

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Mohammed Bamba Mbengue has also just removed his new card, after a request for renewal. A little earlier in the day, his wife had white. “My wife has not yet received her card, she had registered at the same time as me. Unfortunately, there are always breaches, organizational and communication problems. You have to be persistent to be able to vote.

According to Issa Sall, member and spokesperson for CENA, the Autonomous National Electoral Commission, the process takes place correctly.

“For this election, there were 200,000 new registrants or requests for change of electoral address or changes on the electoral map. A week ago, we were almost 40% of the withdrawal rate of all the cards. As we have not recorded any incidents on registrations, even less on the distribution of cards, there are always latecomers!

"People will wait until the last minute," said a CENA controller. On the national territory, the cards are to be collected until Saturday included, Voles of the ballot.

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