US News: DFB says goodbye to the brand "Die Team"

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The name "The team" should become a worldwide trademark for the German national team, but it remained controversial until the end - and is now being retired by the DFB.

Gehört fortan der Vergangenheit an: Der Markenname © Imago Images/Sportfoto Rudel belongs to the past from now on: the brand name "The Team".

unanimous decision

As the kicker reported on July 21, the brand name "The Team" should be put to the test - and that was now the case. The result: In the future, the DFB will refrain from advertising the national team actively with the name "the team". The decision was made unanimously by the supervisory board and shareholders' meeting of DFB GmbH & Co. KG on Thursday, as the DFB announced.

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"Surveys and analyzes have shown that the name 'the team' has a high level of awareness and is particularly recognized abroad. It stands for values ​​such as team spirit and success. The discussion is emotionally discussed, "said DFB President Bernd Neuendorf and added:" But more important than the name is the appearance of the national team anyway. That it lives on and next to the place the values ​​for which the DFB shows that attitude shows that attitude is She inspires her fans, form a unit with them. "

"It does not depend on what the team means, but what is in it." (Alexander Wehrle)

Alexander Wehrle, Chairman of the Department of DFB GmbH & Co. KG, also explained that the name "The team" not only within The fans were controversial, but was also intensively discussed within the DFB. "This is a clear sign of the polarization of a name that everyone should actually gather. The team of Hansi Flick is there for everyone, and everyone can call it how they or he wants. After all, it doesn't come that way very much on what the team is called, but what is in it. "

It had become apparent that the DFB would say goodbye to the controversial brand name, which was created in 2015 based on the French "Equipe Tricolore" or the Italian "Squadra Azzurra". Even managing director Oliver Bierhoff, who is considered the initiator of the term internally, had explained in June with a abolition of the term life, he underlined that young fans in particular consider the term as positive and the DFB team abroad frequently is called "the team". Bierhoff first demanded factual and not just emotional reasons to stamp the term again. Now the decision has been made.

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