US News: NASA finds moon crater with a pleasant 17 degrees-could serve as the basis

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The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter of the US room trip authority NASA has discovered very pleasant temperatures in moon pits. They could be suitable as a location for a moon base.

Diese etwa 100 Meter breite Vertiefung im Mare Tranquillitatis weist eine Temperatur um 17 Grad Celsius auf. (Bild: NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University) © This approximately 100 meter wide deepening in Mare Tranquillitatis has a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius. (Image: NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University)

New data from a NASA probe show that moon pits due to their shady overhangs, which they keep cool during the day and prevent the heat from escaping at night, have pleasant temperatures. According to the data collected by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the interior of the volcanic moon pits has a relatively constant temperature of 17.2 degrees Celsius during the entire day-night cycle of the earth drabant. This would make such terrain ideal for researching and settlement by people.

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moon pits are partly collapsed

Noah Petro from the Goddard Space Flight Center of the NASA in Greenbelt in the US state of Maryland :

“Moon pits are a fascinating feature of the surface of the moon. The knowledge that they create a stable thermal environment helps us to get us a picture of these unique lunar features and the view of exploring them one day. ”

The results were made by scientists from the University of California in Los Angeles at the beginning of this month and the University of Colorado, Boulder, published in the magazine

Geophysical Research Letters .

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residential complex under glass: Research team designs the moon base with artificial gravity

"About 16 of the more than 200 pits are probably collapsed lavar tubes," said project manager Tyler Horvath. The researchers noticed that some of the mines had overhangs. These are probably remnants of the former tube wall. These overhangs are important for researchers. They could offer astronauts on the moon protection against incidental cosmic radiation, micrometeorites and strong fluctuations in the surface temperature.

strong temperature fluctuations on the moon surface

According to NASA, the moon surface can reach the maximum temperatures of 126.7 degrees Celsius and low temperatures of -173.3 degrees Celsius. The pits that are equipped with such overhangs seem to be shaded during the day. In turn, the overhangs prevent the heat from escaping. So the pits that have been equipped have a constant mild temperatures.

can be confirmed these first measurements, the pits would be predestined to accommodate facilities for long -term stays of people on the moon surface. It is unclear whether the US space agency will ultimately include the findings in its plans.

A huge crater suddenly appears in Chile .
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