US News: In Senegal, the vote of young people attracts all the lusts

Italy-Draghi requests a vote of confidence on the future of the

 Italy-Draghi requests a vote of confidence on the future of the Italy-Politique/Draghi (Urgent) coalition: Italy-Draghi requests a vote of trust on the future of the Rome coalition, July 20 (Reuters) - The president of the Italian council, Mario Draghi, asked the Senate on Wednesday to organize a vote of confidence which will decide the future of the government coalition in power in Rome for 18 months.

Au Sénégal, où l'âge moyen est de 19 ans, la participation des jeunes dans les élections est un enjeu décisif. © France 24 in Senegal, where the average age is 19 years, the participation of young people in the elections is a decisive issue.

in Senegal, it is the last day of the electoral campaign before the legislative elections on Sunday. Employment, dear life, living environment ... candidates are increasing commitments to youth. Their vote is the subject of all lusts: those under 35 represent 75 % of the population. How do they live this campaign? Do they still believe in the promises of candidates? Our correspondents went to meet them.

The Senegalese Elise, Sunday, July 31, their deputies during legislative elections having the value of test before the presidential election in February 2024. A ballot that the opposition wants to use to impose a cohabitation on President Macky Sall and slow down the intentions she lends to want to make a third term.

In this country where the under 35s represent 75 % of the population, the voting of youth is the subject of all lusts.

Floods in Senegal: A dead in Dakar .
© AFP - John Wessels Floods in Dakar following heavy rain, 5/8/2022. In Senegal, strong floods shook the country on Friday August 5, killing Dakar. With more than 126 millimeters of rain that fell into the capital, the National Association Organization of Rescue (ORSEC) was then triggered. With our correspondent in Dakar, Théa Ollivier A man died on Friday August 5, on the western cornice of Dakar which was flooded all afternoon, according to the Interior Ministry.

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