US News: Airplane: 5 Travel formats (far too) cool which are certainly passing in cabin

Airplane trip: relieve postural pain

 Airplane trip: relieve postural pain © ISTOC Plane travel: relieve postural pain back pain, a century old? During a long-haul flight, sitting for hours in a more or less narrow and relatively uncomfortable seat can quickly become a real torture. Tracking bad postures allows them to correct them and improve flight conditions. The sitting position is the most formidable for the back due to the high disc pressure which causes micro-contracts of several muscles.

Le secrétaire à la Culture, aux Sports et au Tourisme Kevin Yeung, le secrétaire du Travail Chris Sun et le directeur des Loisirs et des services culturels, lors d’une conférence de presse à la suite de l’accident, vendredi 29 juillet 2022 à Hong Kong. © Isaac Lawrence / AFP The Secretary of Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung, the Secretary of Labor Chris Sun and the Director of Leisure and cultural services, during a press conference following the accident, Friday July 29, 2022 in Hong Kong.

A giant screen won in full concert from the Pop Mirror group in Hong Kong, Thursday, July 28, 2022. Two dancers were injured, including one seriously. The group canceled all the concerts that were to be held in this room. An investigation is open.

Two dancers were injured Thursday, July 28, 2022, in Hong Kong while they were performing on the stage of Hong Kong Coliseum, during a concert by Pop Mirror, reports the Guardian .

"Azzam" - the largest yacht in the world

 The "Azzam" is the largest yacht in the world - and offers some special features that are due to its former owner. Because in 2013 it was built on behalf of Sheikh Chalifa bin Zayid al Nahyan. After his death in May of this year, the mega-yacht probably found another owner. But who it is is unclear. What you know about the biggest yacht in the world: an overview.

In several videos broadcast on social networks (which Ouest-France has chosen not to broadcast), we see one of the six giant screens dropping out of the show, and falling on the dancers below. Two of them were injured and transported to the hospital. One was placed in intensive care, the other is in a stable state.

The group's concerts canceled

according to Hong Kong culture secretary Kevin Yeung, the cable that held the screen of five by four yields. An investigation is underway to determine how the giant screen was able to drop out, says the New York Times .

The other eight concerts that the group was to ensure in Hong Kong Coliseum were canceled, announced the organizer of the concert, Makerville, on Instagram. All the concerts planned in the room will now be held without a public and will be broadcast online.

pilots have hope for more salary .
Frankfurt. The Lufthansa and Verdi have agreed: the soil staff gets significantly more wages. The union of the pilots sees this as a positive signal. Because she is currently negotiating with the airline. © Boris Roessler A Boeing 747 passenger machine The Lufthansa starts at Frankfurt Airport. The negotiations were tough and lasted for a long time, but the result was certain late Thursday evening: the soil staff of Lufthansa can look forward to a salary increase in three steps.

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