US News: Spain: The Prime Minister calls to fall for the tie to save energy

Spain: The Prime Minister evokes "more than 500 dead" linked to heat wave

 Spain: The Prime Minister evokes © Isabel Infantes The heat wave that fell on Spain was the most intense ever recorded in the country. Reuters/Isabel Infantes The Heat wave that fell on Spain was the most intense ever recorded in the country, according to the National Meteorological Agency. The heat wave that lasted from July 9 to 18 caused the death of "more than 500 people," Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Wednesday during a trip to Aragon, a region of the country affected by a fire.

Le Premier ministre espagnol Pedro Sanchez se rend à une conférence de presse à Madrid le 29 juillet 2022 © Javier Soriano Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez went to a press conference in Madrid on July 29, 2022

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez called Friday to follow his example and fall in the tie to reduce the energy bill using less air conditioning.

"I would like you to note that I do not wear a tie," said Sánchez, all smiles, showing the open collar of his shirt at a press conference in Madrid.

"This means that we can all save money from an energy point of view," he continued, adding that he had asked his ministers and administrative officials to do the same and calling the private sector to les les les les les les les les les les les les les les les les les les les imitate.

Researcher: Energy transition still falls short of

 Researcher: Energy transition still falls short of The construction and energy expert Lamia Messari-Becker calls for a fundamental change in German energy policy due to the continuing risk of Russian gas failures. The security of supply and the conversion of the sectors electricity, heat and traffic must finally be seen as an integrated project instead of looking at the areas as before, she told the German Press Agency.

"If this is not already the case, I would like you to carry a tie when it is not necessary," he said to the address of the business world. "This is also how we can contribute to energy savings that are so necessary in our country," he concluded.

The head of government usually sports costume and tie during his public commitments, especially during press conferences.

He also announced that the government would adopt on Monday in the Council of Ministers "a set of urgent measures" to save energy, "in the line of what other European countries do". He did not provide details.

Spain has taken several measures lately to reduce its energy bill as part of the efforts claimed by Brussels to end European dependence on Russian gas.

The telework of civil servants is thus encouraged in order to limit air conditioning in public buildings and the thermostat of air conditioners should not be positioned in this degrees, so that the air conditioning is done with "lesser energy consumption" , according to an "energy efficiency plan" published in late May in the Official Journal.

In the same way, the radiators will not be able to heat up to more than 19 degrees in winter.

In reaction to the war in Ukraine, the European Commission presented mid-May a plan of 210 billion euros providing for a boom in renewable energies and important energy savings in order to get rid of "as quickly as possible" imports of Russian gas.

The twenty-seven also adopted a plan on Tuesday by which they undertake to do "everything (their) possible" to reduce their gas consumption by at least 15% between August 2022 and March 2023, compared to the average of the last five years over the same period.


to meet emergency plan: Germany has to save more gas than any other EU country .
The EU countries have decided to reduce their gas consumption by at least 15 percent by spring. Germany has to save more than others. © Photo: Imago/Christian Ditsch Flame of a gas stove-Germany saves more gas than any other EU country (symbol image). Germany has to reduce its absolute gas consumption as much as no other EU country in order to achieve the savings of the European Union of 15 percent.

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