US News: Nicaragua: The American ambassador is "Persona Non Grata" even before his arrival

on the front page: Social crisis in Panama

 on the front page: Social crisis in Panama © Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. of the roadblocks were set up by demonstrators to protest against inflation, in particular the outbreak of fuel prices, in Pacora, Panama, early Wednesday, July 20, 2022, forcing the population to move on foot. The demonstrations against the expensive life continue in the country always paralyzed by road blockages. According to the newspaper La Prensa , armed men intercepted a humanitarian convoy on Wednesday.

L'ambassade américaine au Nicaragua, en 2008 à Managua (image d'illustration). © Esteban Felix/AP The American Embassy in Nicaragua, in 2008 in Managua (illustration image).

New episode of tension between Nicaragua and the United States. Managua withdrew Thursday, July 28, entry to entry into the territory of the new American ambassador. He accuses him of interference. Everything was played during an audition for the future ambassador in front of the Senate.

Hugo Rodriguez had been appointed by Joe Biden in May, but he was still due to receive the approval of the US Congress. Thursday, he was therefore expressed before the Senate external relations committee. In his declaration , he evoked political prisoners, forced closures of NGOs, the Nicaraguans who leave by the hundreds of thousands a country qualified as dictatorship. "The United States has spoken against these abuses and, if my candidacy is confirmed, I will continue to do so," explains the diplomat.

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 Saudi Arabia: MBS begins its first tour in Europe since the assassination of Khashoggi © AFP - Louisa Gouliamaki The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis receives the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman before their meeting, in Athens on July 26, 2022. This is the first time that Mohammed Ben Salman has been going to the European Union since the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia arrived in Athens this Tuesday, July 26. After Greece, he will go to France where he should meet President Emmanuel Macron.

In a letter addressed to the American State Department, Nicaragua replied that these are "disrespectful declarations" and "interference". Entry authorization is withdrawn to the future ambassador immediate.

Between the two countries, relations are very tense since the major anti-government demonstrations of 2018 which were an attempted coup piloted by the United States, according to Managua.

very tense relations, but not broken

since then, the sanctions taken by Washington and his refusal to recognize the 3rd consecutive re -election of Daniel Ortega dug the gap. Impossible to discuss with the Americans, according to President Nicaraguan: "What dialogue can there be with the devil?" We would like to have good relations with the United States, but it is impossible.

The country remains an important trading partner for Nicaragua. Washington maintains that a form of "bilateral communication" still exists and that the United States will continue to "put pressure on the release of political prisoners".

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