US News: Homeowners in Poland may suspend credit rates

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due to risen interest rates, owners of loan -financed houses and apartments in Poland may suspend the installment payment several times. As of Friday, consumers were allowed to submit the first applications to so -called loan holidays at their banks.

500-Zloty-Scheine: In Polen können Immobilienbesitzer Kreditferien anmelden. © Pawel Supernak/Pap/dpa 500-Zloty notes: Real estate owners can register credit holidays in Poland.

under the rush collapsed at some banks of the server, other financial institutions announced longer opening hours at the counter.

According to the law, borrowers may apply for up to eight installments. There are two installments for the third and fourth quarter of 2022. 2023 cannot be paid every quarter of a year. The government party PIS had thus promised a promise to the Polish families, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki from the Pap agency. "Maybe in 2024 we will be dealing with falling interest."

an estimated two million families in Poland have financed their houses or apartments with mortgage loans. The interest rates are mostly variable and depend on the key interest rate that has risen. Deutsche Commerzbank expected the loan holidays of its Polish customers to burden them with 210 to 290 million euros by 2023.

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