US News: Habeck sees opportunities for comeback from the solar industry

Bundesliga club SC Freiburg plays thanks to Freiberg in Solar-Champions League

 Bundesliga club SC Freiburg plays thanks to Freiberg in Solar-Champions League Freiburg/Freiberg-The Bundesliga club SC Freiburg relies on Sonnenpower from Freiberg (near Chemnitz ): 6000 PV modules from Meyer Burger on the new stadium roof 2.3 million kilowatt hours - the entire annual requirement of the stadium. © provided by TAG24 The Bundesliga Stadium of SC Freiburg is refueling solar power with PV modules from Saxony. in May 2021, the Swiss Group Meyer Burger started its production of solar cells in the ex- "Solarworld" halls in Freiberg.

Economic Minister Robert Habeck sees chances for a comeback from the solar industry in Germany. With a view to a planned strong expansion of solar systems in Germany, the Greens politician said at the end of a two-day summer tour that it would be stupid not to use the market stroke of industrial policy. In Germany, the solar industry was incomprehensibly broken a few years ago. "But we can pull it up again."

Wirtschaftsminister Robert Habeck und Gunter Erfurt (r), Vorstandsvorsitzender der Meyer Burger Technology AG. © Soeren Stache/dpa Minister of Economic Affairs Robert Habeck and Gunter Erfurt (R), CEO of Meyer Burger Technology AG.

Habeck visited the solar module manufacturer Meyer Burger Technology AG in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, which has ambitious goals. Company boss Gunter Erfurt emphasized the quality advantage over manufacturers from Asia. 98 percent of solar cell production worldwide is currently from Asia, especially from China.

"Unable to admit mistakes": Poland wants to lease German nuclear power plants

 nuclear power plants are a national affair. Every country watches over its nuclear policy. But because Germany wants to get out of nuclear energy despite the crisis, there is a provocative proposal in Poland. © dpa One of the last three remaining nuclear power plants: Neckarwestheim If Germany switches off its last three nuclear power plants, Poland could not lease these Meiler? With this unorthodox idea, Polish politics is interfering in the German debate about a runtime extension.

The Minister of Economy said the logic that production had to go to Asia for cost reasons had changed. Habeck called higher transport costs and a stronger robotization of production in Germany and Europe. The Federal Government will do everything possible to make it possible to make a ritness of production for solar energy in Germany again with the rise in solar energy production.

Habeck said with a view to the gas crisis that all political and social forces had to be strained to get through this difficult time. At the same time, the structure of the next chain of value in Germany should not be neglected. It is about investing in the future despite the crisis.

to meet emergency plan: Germany has to save more gas than any other EU country .
The EU countries have decided to reduce their gas consumption by at least 15 percent by spring. Germany has to save more than others. © Photo: Imago/Christian Ditsch Flame of a gas stove-Germany saves more gas than any other EU country (symbol image). Germany has to reduce its absolute gas consumption as much as no other EU country in order to achieve the savings of the European Union of 15 percent.

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