US News: Two brothers save five Ukrainian women at the start of the war, we found them

Live - War in Ukraine: Putin demands the lifting of restrictions on cereal exports

 Live - War in Ukraine: Putin demands the lifting of restrictions on cereal exports © Sergey Pivovarov of the harvesters and harvesting wheat in a field of the Rostov region, in Russia, July 7, 2022. In summary: - Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Turkey’s mediation had made an advance on cereal exports while Kyiv accuses Russia of blocking deliveries. - Missile strikes have touched several cities in the East, killing Kramatorsk. In the south, in the Odessa region, there were at least six injured, including a child, according to the Ukrainian presidency.

Anne Bermond et Gérard Poujade encadrent Varvara et Vesta dans la cour de leur maison du Séquestre (Tarn), devant l’arbre qu’a peint Vesta. © Photo: Ouest-France Anne Bermond and Gérard Poujade frame Varvara and Vesta in the courtyard of their sequestration house (Tarn), in front of the tree that Vesta painted.

On March 17, Gérard Poujade, mayor of a small town in Tarn, crossed Europe in 72 hours with his brother Denis to bring donations to the International Red Cross in Poland. On the way back, they had offered places in Natalia, Vetsa, Varvara, Nastya and Larissa, five Ukrainian candidates for exile. The evening edition was on the trip. Four months later, we have heard their news.

A tree pushed into the patio of the house of Gérard Poujade and his partner Anne Bermond, in the receiver (Tarn). A lemon tree painted on a white background, rich in a hundred fruits, ten birds and at the foot of which sits a pheasant and purrs the exact replica of the cat from the house. A striking picture of realism that makes all the charm of the Courette. "We haven't knew what to do with this place for ten years," laughs Gérard, showing the garden furniture he mounted with his son, facing the patiently prepared fresco.

A way of occupying the time that has stretched since March 17, 2022. That day, around 9 a.m., Gérard Poujade and his brother Denis brought back from Ukraine Natalia, his daughter Vesta, and Varvara, the Belle- Sister of her but also Nastya, and her mother Larissa. All five landed from the kyiv region (Ukraine) at the receivers, a small town of 1900 inhabitants near Albi in the Tarn, including Gérard Poujade, 62, is mayor.

Ukraine: Strikes near a nuclear reactor, departure of three cargo -charged cereals .
© AFP - ED Jones The Enerhodar nuclear power plant (Zaporijjia), under Russian control, seen on April 27, 2022 from the city of Nikopol , under Ukrainian control. Ukraine and Russia have mutually accused strikes near a reactor from the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporijia, the largest in Europe, the day when three new cereal loads, crucial for global food security, have left Ukrainian ports.

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