US News: Russia turns EU-Land Latvia the Gashahn to

Ukraine War: Technology Group ABB withdraws from Russia

 Ukraine War: Technology Group ABB withdraws from Russia © provided by Handelsblatt The technology group employed around 750 employees in Russia. Photo: DPADATA portal copyright = The technology group had no longer accepted new orders in Russia since the outbreak of the war. The final retreat ensures loads in billions. The Technology Group ABB gives up business in Russia. Due to the continuing war in Ukraine and the effects of the sanctions, the group decided to completely withdraw from this market, ABB said on Thursday.

The Russian Energy Giant Gazprom has granted the Gashahn to the Baltic EU country Latvia. The company hired the deliveries because the conditions of the removal of gas had been violated, the energy giant said on Saturday. The state company did not provide any details of the violations.

Gazprom hat nach eigenen Angaben die Gaslieferungen in das EU-Land Lettland eingestellt. © Britta Pedersen/dpa Gazprom claimed to have the gas deliveries to EU country Latvia.

Russia recently set the gas deliveries to several EU countries, including Poland and Bulgaria, because they had refused to pay in ruble. Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin had introduced this new regulation in response to the EU's sanctions against Russia. Payments in euros or dollars were common.

The government in Latvia recently declared that from January 2023 it wanted to do without the import of Russian gas. This is mainly considered a reaction to the Russian attack war against Ukraine. Last year Latvia bought about 90 percent of his gas from Russia.

Russia suspends its gas deliveries to Latvia .
© Copyright 2022, the Obs The Russian gas giant Gazprom announced Saturday July 30 that it has suspended its gas deliveries to Latvia, against the backdrop of Russian-Western Tensions due to Conflict in Ukraine and unprecedented European sanctions against Russia. "Today, Gazprom has suspended its gas deliveries to Latvia [...], due to the violation of gas direct debit conditions," the Russian company said in a statement on Telegram, without further details .

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