US News: prisoner exchange with the USA: Russia wants to clear Tiergarten murderer

War in Ukraine must stop to avoid the "nuclear" precipice, according to President Bélarusse

 War in Ukraine must stop to avoid the © Belta/AFP/Archives The West, Ukraine and Russia must agree to avoid the "precipice "From the" nuclear war ", the President Bélarusse Alexandre Loukachenko, main ally of Russia on Thursday. "Come on, let's stop. We must not go further. Further on, it is the precipice. Further on, it is nuclear war. It should not go so far", he said. "You have to stop, get along, stop this chaos, the operation and the war in Ukraine," added Mr. Loukachenko.

Russia in return for an release of two detained US citizens, apparently the release of the russia Vadim K. sentenced to life in Germany because of the zoo murder in Germany.

Tatort im kleinen Tiergarten. © Paul Zinken/dpa crime scene in the small zoo.

The spokesman for the United States National Security Council, John Kirby, confirmed a corresponding advance of Russian representatives on Friday in the US news broadcaster CNN. However, he decidedly rejected the claim. "Keeping two US citizens as hostages in an exchange for a murderer in a third country is not a serious counter offer," said Kirby. "It is a fraudulent attempt to avoid a very serious offer and proposal from the United States." Russia has to take the US offer seriously.

Food crisis: the African Union "welcomes" the agreement between Russia and Ukraine to unlock cereals

 Food crisis: the African Union © Sigitas0805 / Wikimedia Commons Food crisis: the African Union "welcomes" Between Russia and Ukraine to unlock cereals to avoid a "hurricane of famines", the Russian-Ukrainian agreement aimed at "return of cereals from Ukraine and Russia on the world markets" is a "welcome development" , according to the African Union.

USA wants to freedom for basketball player

The United States is currently trying to get the basketball professional player Brittney Griner in Russia and the former US soldier Paul Whelan, which was also detained in the country. Washington has therefore presented Moscow an offer that was also the subject of a conversation between US Secretary of State Antony and the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday. According to media reports, the United States' plan, which was transmitted weeks ago, includes an exchange of the two US citizens with the Russian arms smuggler Viktor Bout, which is imprisoned in the USA.

CNN then reported on Friday, citing informed circles, that Russian representatives had asked for informal channels from the United States to also release Vadim K. as part of a prisoner. K., who is said to have been a colonel of the Russian secret service FSB, was sentenced to a lifelong prison for the so-called zoo murder in December 2021. The Berlin Chamber Court saw it as proven that he had shot a Chechen -born Georgian in the small zoo in August 2019 on behalf of state Russian bodies.

According to CNN, the Russian demand for a man's release was considered problematic, especially because K. sits his prison sentence in Germany. However, US representatives had contacted Germany to basically find out whether K. could become part of the exchange business, the news channel reported, citing a German government official. But that was never seriously considered.

Basketball star Griner was arrested at Scheremetjewo at Moscow for possession of cannabis oil in mid-February. She threatens up to ten years in prison due to drug smuggling. Whelan was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2020. (AFP)

Annemarie Eilfeld: Her scary meeting with Ayleen's alleged murderer .
This act shocked Germany-the 14-year-old Ayleen was killed, the suspect Jan Heiko P. met on the Internet. The fact that the alleged perpetrator is apparently a fan of pop singer Annemarie Eilfeld (33) led to a meeting of the two in 2018, of which she now reports in the Bildzeitung : "I was a guest at the show premiere ' Flying Illusion 'Am Potsdamer Platz. On Instagram and Facebook I wrote to my fans that I was looking forward to the evening.

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