US News: Spain: Two deaths caused by the variolate of the monkey

English press voices for 2: 1 against Spain

 English press voices for 2: 1 against Spain thanks to a “rocket”, the English footballers have reached the semi-finals of the home European Championship. The English press celebrated the 2-1 after extra time against Spain. The opponent next Tuesday is either Sweden or Belgium. © Adam Davy/Pa Wire/dpa England's Ellen White (9) cheers after the game. The English press voices: «Times» «Sarina Wiegmans Courageous Change bring England the place in the semi -finals.» «Telegraph» «A spirited England is fighting back and, thanks to a rocket from

The Spanish authorities confirmed yesterday the death of two people contaminated by the variolate of the monkey. A Brazilian also died the same day. In total, eight deaths related to the disease were recorded worldwide. Espagne : Deux décès causés par la variole du singe © supplied by Zinfos Spain: two deaths caused by the variolate of the monkey

It was therefore Friday July 29 that the first deaths outside Africa took place in connection with the variolate of the monkey. A Brazilian of 41 became the first victim of the virus outside Africa. The regional authorities, however, said that the man had serious comorbidities so as not to panic the population.

The Spanish authorities, on the other hand, were much less soothed concerning the two deaths intervened just after. Yesterday, the Ministry of Health announced the first death in Spain, also the first in Europe. Before confirming a second death this Saturday. The causes and dates of these deaths were not specified.

Spain is one of the most affected countries in Europe with 4,298 cases identified. The WHO indicates that more than 18,000 cases have been identified worldwide outside of Africa, hence the virus is endemic. 70% of cases are in Europe and 25% in the Americas.

The United States declares the epidemic of variolate of the monkey emergency of public health .
The variolate epidemic of the monkey continues to spread. In the United States where vaccination campaigns are struggling to set up, the epidemic is now an emergency in public health. © ISTOCK A quarter of the 6,600 cases of variole of the monkey were identified in New York State the United States declared on Thursday a public health emergency for the epidemic of variole of the monkey .

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