US News: satirical weekly review: A death strip for restaurateurs

War in Ukraine. Two Americans killed in Donbass

 War in Ukraine. Two Americans killed in Donbass © Gleb Guarantor / Reuters The American flag floats in front of the Embassy of the country in Ukraine, in kyiv, January 24, 2022. Two Americans lost their lives in Donbass, confirmed the secretariat State this Saturday, July 23, 2022, bringing four the number of victims of the country in Ukraine since the start of the war with Russia. Two Americans died in Donbass, in eastern Ukraine , according to the State Department this Saturday, July 23, without specifying if they were combatants.

In the fight against their Ballermann image, the administration of the party capital Cologne now really draws all the registers, thinks loudly about nodules for catch chans outside the stadium and thus ensures outrage among FC fans .

Der gewonnene Platz durch den auf die Fahrbahn verlegten Radweg könnte bald dem breiteren Gehweg zum Opfer fallen. © Bernd Schöneck The space gained through the bike path laid on the road could soon fall victim to the wider sidewalk.

in the vocal manual of the city of Gottlob is not precisely defined what a fishing sang is and whether the new rule may not also apply to bachelor separations that roam through the old town and pay homage to ten bare hairdressers.

to provide the Rhein-Energie Stadium on play-free weekends for such performances would be an act of humanity and a test playing field for the still sought-after security service, which is supposed to keep the Kwartier Latang Ballermann-free at the eleventh in the eleventh.

at 57, she lives surrounded by more than 300 Smurfs in her house

 at 57, she lives surrounded by more than 300 Smurfs in her house © Mireille Tardy passionate about Smurfs since her childhood, Mireille Tardy now has a collection of 300 small blue characters. Mireille Tardy has been passionate about the universe of Smurfs from an early age. For years, it has been a collection that now has more than 300 small blue characters. A heritage that this resident of La Tour-en-Jarez (Loire) intends to transmit to her children and grandchildren. She does not hide it and assumes it proudly. Mireille Tardy, 57, loves the Smurfs.

Meanwhile, the new foot traffic officer in the city's design manual seems to want to open their own chapter. Under the motto "Run instead of drinking", he wants to pacify the party meals. A four -meter -wide footpath on Aachener Straße would transform the outer gastronomy into a death strip for restaurateurs on which the party people between cyclists and on foot can only drink Kölsch because the glasses are so slim.

With all this nonsense, which can only be explained by the heat wave, it is sad to me that it has no point in testing the acoustics of the prototype of the new KVB trains at the weekend, which should go to the stadium from 2024.

How I would like to have in the Thielenbruch tram museum in the new railway “Berlin, Berlin. We drive to Berlin ”sung. After all, FC coach Baumgart spent the season goal in the cup. That is of course nonsense. With the KVB you don't even come to Berlin.

rocket attacks on Israel after killing al-Jabari .
After the targeted killing of a militant Palestinian guide in the Gaza Strip, dozens of rockets have been fired on Israel. Siren were heard in several cities to the southern edge of the coastal town of Tel Aviv on Friday evening. According to Israeli media reports, the rockets went down on open terrain or were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. © Hatem Moussa/AP/dpa Rauch rises after Israeli air strikes in Gaza.

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