US News: "Berlin - Day & Night": Farewell to Joe? Sender & Lutz Schweigel make hints

The climatic objectives of Biden hampered by setbacks

 The climatic objectives of Biden hampered by setbacks © Pool Joe Biden at the White House on July 12, 2022 more than any other American president before him, Joe Biden affirmed his determination to fight against climate change, one " existential threat ". After several setbacks this summer, he intends to reassure his commitments on Wednesday by hammering his environmental objectives, which he nevertheless struggled to achieve. The point on the measures taken after a year and a half in mandate, and what blocks to go further.

since the first episode of "Berlin - Day & Night" flickered over the screen eleven years ago, Lutz Schweigel is part of the series. But now a fresh start seems to be in place for the veteran. As it says in the preview of episode 2757, Joe wants to cancel the tents in the capital - at least professionally. "The future can begin for Joe: he finds a buyer for his workshop." A surprising turn that alarmed, the workshop was one of the heart projects of the Btnler.

BTN: Joe ist bald zurück © rtlzwei Btn: Joe will soon be back

What is it all about? Does he have another job in prospect or does he even want to leave the city? The transmitter does not yet reveal this in its preview. However, actors Lutz Schweigel had recently suggested that his role could not continue as usual in the future.

Joe Biden evokes his cancer forcing the White House to specify his words

 Joe Biden evokes his cancer forcing the White House to specify his words © Jonathan Ernst on the move in Massachusetts, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, indulged in an imprecision which relaunched the controversy over the controversy over the controversy his health. Reuters/Jonathan Ernst it didn't take more to relaunch his opponents who question the "fragile health" of the American president.

BTN: Will Joe hardly be seen anymore? On the occasion of his 50th birthday, the actor revealed in an interview with "Promiflash" to what extent he would like to optimize his further life: "With the people I love to live together, have more free time and plan even more shared experiences."

More free time-does that mean that the BTN veteran will recess in the RTL soap in the future? Or even stops? The mime does not respond to the details in the conversation. However, it would be conceivable, because for months Joe has been only a marginal figure at "Berlin - Day & Night" anyway.

"Berlin - Tag & Nacht" star Lutz Schweigel: The second mainstay on Rügen

privately is going well with Lutz Schweigel:

in July 2020 he made his new love public, a brunette unknown , who occasionally steals on Lutz Schweigel's Instagram photos. "I have a good job, I have a great woman with great children and I have created something for the future," enthuses the actor. The fact that he got to know his current partner is one of the highlights of his previous life, the TV star told "Promiflash". In addition, he was allowed to spend a long time with his parents and to this day people from earlier in his life who loved him as he was, he adds.

"I am fine," says Biden, positive at the Covid at 79 years old

 © AFP/Archives "M ES friends, I am doing very well": the American president Joe Biden gave his news on Thursday on Twitter, After being tested positive at the COVID-19 at the age of 79. "I am doubly vaccinated, with two doses of recall, the symptoms are light," said the Democrat in a video of about twenty seconds, showing him on the balcony of the White House in Dark suit, sky blue shirt and Without a tie. "I'm fine, I work a lot and I will continue to do it.

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Berlin - Day and Night: Schmidti & Franzi land in bed together! Berlin - Day and Night: Mega comeback announced in August! The best deals of the day at Amazon!* and also a lot of positive things have developed in recent years: "Another highlight is that I have bought real estate. That may sound strange now because it is something material , But it's nice when you have created something, "says Lutz Schweigel, who rents holiday apartments on Rügen. How nice!


training start of the Eisbären Berlin: The hunting for the title Hattrick has started .
Twelve new players The squad counts this season. The competition will be exciting in goal © Photo: Imago/Lehtikuva Peter Regin with the Danish team reached the quarter -finals at the World Cup in May. The current flight chaos has not passed the Eisbären . Peter John Lee, who, as deputy head of the supervisory board, is no longer as intensely involved in day-to-day business, but still hardly missed a training session, returned from the Canada vacation five days.

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