US News: even more brutal and disgusting: This is how the predator differs in "Prey" from the original

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, who would have finished after "Predator: Upgrade" with the franchise for the legendary hunter from the endless expanses of space, now gets with " Prey ”a kind of peace offer. Director Dan Trachtenberg returns to the roots of the genre with the now fifth "Predator" offshoot and is primarily based on the strengths of the Arnold-Schwarzenegger originals from 1987.

Noch brutaler und ekeliger: So unterscheidet sich der Predator in © 20th Century Studios / Disney+ Even more brutal and more disgusting: This is how the Predator differs in "Prey" from the original

in the center of the story of "Prey" is a young Comanche warrior named Naru ( Amber Midthunder ), which is only dependent on primitive weapons with the extraterrestrial takes up to prove yourself with your trunk. Instead of relying on large -caliber spectacles, the film is located in the dense forests of North America 300 years before our time.

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alien mucus is supposed to increase the disgust factor in "Prey"!

over the years has repeatedly made changes in the look and arsenal of the predator. Fans of the iconic monster are still enjoying themselves over the neatly braided Rasta braids, which were to be admired in "Alien vs. Predator". In an interview with ComicBook , director Dan Trachtenberg has now told that a change has also made a change for the appearance of the predator in "Prey":

"There are two different versions of the Predator face. There is a stunt version that did not move that has been a bit safer for Dane Diliegro, who has hatched here into the Predator suit] to work. And there was another version that was simply heavier for Dane because it contained all the animatronics. and one of the things we added in this film that strangely did not occur in the other Predator ' films, was mucus. We have installed some alien mucus, the stuff that we know from the ' Alien ' films. ”

A cool idea of ​​lifting the disgusting factor a little by smearing the monster with mucus. After all, the Predator is not a particularly considerable contemporary under the mask, which makes the glibber effect even more understandable and effective in theory. On August 5, we will find out whether this will really be the case when "Prey" is available on Disney+. For Dan Trachtenberg, the additional mucus ensures that the Predator

"simply appears much more violent and disgusting" . The maker explains from the new "Predator": "Prey" and the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger are so special.

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