US News: Amira Pocher experiences "bumpy night": that kept you awake until the early hours of the morning

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Cologne - Amira Pocher (29) is visibly tapped. The TV presenter and mother of two has had a night with little sheep. She reveals the reason on Instagram.

Amira Pocher (29) meldet sich nach einer Nacht mit wenig Schlaf in einer Instagram-Story. © provided by TAG24 Amira Pocher (29) reports in an Instagram story after a night with little sleep.

without make-up and the hair tamed with a simple ponytail Amira contacted her around 975,000 followers in an Instagram story at the weekend.

"I hope my mood will be a little better today, because today I am a bit irritated, tired and broken," admitted the wife of Oliver Pocher (44).

had actually started the evening before very promising. Amira gave insights into the domestic cinema hall, where, together with her gods, she looked at the film classic "Scream" on a large screen.

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then called the bed, but the scary film was not to blame that the 29-year-old could not see an eye.

her night was "very bumpy", revealed Amira. Many parents with young children should be able to understand the reason too well.

Amira Pocher on Instagram Amira Pocher spends the night in the Amira und Oliver Pocher haben zwei gemeinsame Söhne, deren Namen sie vor der Öffentlichkeit geheim halten. © grid bed. "The little one was wide awake until four in the morning," said the family mom, who, in addition to various TV jobs and her own podcast, is also very busy.

Since the

was born of her youngest son at the end of December 2020 , Amira can hardly sleep through one night. Because this permanent state became a real burden, the Austrian native even tried to restore the night's sleep with a special sleeping training.

celebrated Amira a certain success, but recently her son has to struggle with problems asleep again, and then the mom also gets to feel.

"I was not allowed to leave the room and slept back in the cot. But now it is not so uncomfortable anymore, I get used to it," joked the beauty with the necessary pinch of gallows humor. However, she hoped that her son's "little phase" will soon be over.

away from the lack of sleep, Amira had recently bothered an

shocking test result .

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