US News: Why do we say "go down to the hotel"?

The boss of Ryanair asks London in good sense in his migration policy

 The boss of Ryanair asks London in good sense in his migration policy © AFP/Archivos Michael O'Leary regrets not being able to hire European staff. As he faces repeated strikes from his staff, Michael O'Leary enjoins the British government to show "more common sense" on post-Brexit migration policy in order to be able to hire the hand of European work. For several weeks now, airports have been the scene of chaos scenes. Some companies are forced to cancel thousand flights, including a lack of ground staff. At Ryanair, unions are calling for salary increases.

Savez-vous pourquoi dit-on «descendre à l'hôtel» ? Explications. © Fokke Baarssen / do you know why are we "going down to the hotel"? Explanations.

Go down, it's possible, but it is a pleonasm because "descend" already expresses the idea of ​​a movement that goes from top to bottom. Going down to the hotel is correct, but at first glance, it makes little sense from a linguistic point of view. Why then not just say "go to the hotel"? We must return to the etymology of the word "descend": according to little Robert of the French language, it comes from the Latin "descendre", which dates from the 11th century and derived from the family of "Scandere", which means "ascend". It is generally used to qualify the fact of "going downwards". According to the historical dictionary of the French language, this verb is used in the 14th century to designate a rider setting on the ground, but also a traveler stopping in front of a house or any other type of housing to stop there .

Gravenberch meets the Kicker interview for the first time

 Gravenberch meets the Kicker interview for the first time It is his first interview (Monday edition) in Germany. He learns the language diligently, he only needs a little time, he says. But Ryan Gravenberch prefers the conversation in English. The 20-year-old talks about his opportunities by the violation of Leon Goretzka and meets his compatriot Matthijs de Ligt for the first time. © Imago Images/Pro Shots know each other from Amsterdam and the national team: Ryan Gravenberch (left) and Matthijs de Ligt.

Doesn't that remind you of something? In our time, even if you are no longer on horseback, that you arrive at the hotel aboard a car, a train or even a plane, you always go there. The relieved spirit of this information, you can now put your luggage and take advantage of the establishment on which you have set your sights.


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Video: "We feel more free": in this room, we play sports in a nightclub atmosphere (Dailymotion)

by the way, how are the stars of a hotel attributed?

The classification criteria are sometimes surprising. A hotel with a clean facade and in good condition? It is only an obligation from 3 stars. An additional pillow or cover? No need to go to a palace for this, the two are accessible on request from the first star. On the other hand, no brushing before the third if you forgot your hair dryer.

to an hour from Bali, a heavenly resort (and accessible!) For a vacation cut from the world

 to an hour from Bali, a heavenly resort (and accessible!) For a vacation cut from the world Le Figaro. - Why did you leave France? We wanted to change in our respective professional lives, Fabrice in e-reputation, and I in marketing within the LVMH group. We took two months of vacation to do everything we dreamed of: a roadtrip in the Basque Country focused on gastronomy, a crossing of the Norway in total isolation between Oslo and Tromsø and a stay at Bali for The festive side. When we were in Indonesia , friends told us about Sumba .

and it will be necessary to set up a category to benefit from a breakfast service in the room. Just as the provision of individual ironing equipment on request. For a toothbrush or toothpaste, it will be necessary to descend into a 5-star, where the hygiene necessary is offered. Just like the bathrobe. However, you have the right to complain if you have nothing to suspend your jacket: a wardrobe with six hangers must be offered from the first star.

But the elevator is only imposed on the second, and still, only if there are at least four floors. There is still work in the accessibility and sustainable development chapter: Atout France household hoteliers, most of the criteria imposed are "compensable" by options.


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Las Vegas: A dead after shots in the "Mirage" Hotel .
in a room from the well-known hotel "The Mirage" in Las Vegas have fallen. A person was killed, two more was injured, the police said in the US gambling metropolis on Friday night on Twitter. © Ellen Schmidt/Las Vegas Review-Journal/dpa A dining car from the city police stand in front of the "Mirage" hotel in Las Vegas after shots in a room of the hotel. The victims and the alleged perpetrator knew each other. The shooter is on the run. It was an isolated case.

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