US News: Prohibition of French territory: the expanded “double penalty”?

"Nobody sees hand, unless he": St. Pauli saved one point in Hanover at Schultz

 at the end. The penalty decision before the meantime made a bit of conversation. © Getty Images had to accept a wrong decision: St. Pauli's coach Timo Schultz. DFB tweeted to the penalty in added time, thanks to a very late hit by Jackson Irvine, the Hamburgers secured a point in Hanover (2-2). But who knows how the game would have gone if the 1: 1 equalization from the penalty point of Sebastian Kerk would not have been possible.

Gérald Darmanin, en déplacement samedi 30 juillet 2022, à Lyon. © Thierry ZOCCOLAN, AFP Gérald Darmanin, on the trip Saturday July 30, 2022, in Lyon.

The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, wishes to harden the sentence of prohibition of territory against foreigners who committed an offense.

traveling to Lyon on Saturday, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin reiterated him: He intends to strengthen the prohibition of French territory (ITF): a sentence targeting foreign persons having committed a crime or an offense in France. The apple thief, we are not going to expel him, but those who beat up police, yes , reaffirmed the Minister, by inaugurating an administrative detention center.

Colonization in Cameroon: Macron asks historians to "shed light" on the action of France

 Colonization in Cameroon: Macron asks historians to © Ludovic Marin / AFP French President Emmanuel Macron asked historians on Tuesday to "shed light" '' Action of France in Cameroon during colonization and after the independence of this country, announcing the openness "in whole" of the French archives on "painful moments" and "tragic".

This sentence, which is pronounced by a criminal court or an assize court, concerns foreigners, but not nationals of the European Union. It applies for certain offenses: serious violence, rape, acts of terrorism, drug trafficking, marriage fraud ... ITF is commonly called double penalty in the event that the person is expelled after having served their prison sentence in France .

Prohibition to expel minors

The ITF, however, is the subject of exceptions which had notably been set up in 2003, by the Minister of the Interior of the time, Nicolas Sarkozy. It cannot be pronounced against certain people to whom the law grants protection: a foreigner who started to stay in France before the age of his 13 years. Or live regularly in France for at least twenty years. Or residing in France for ten years and having a French child. Or even living in France for more than ten years by being married to a French or a French for four years ...

These are the latter provisions that the current Minister of the Interior wants to suppress as part of a bill that should be presented in September. He wishes to maintain only a derogation: the prohibition to expel minors.

Rooster fights: A new petition to prohibit practice in France .
© Getty Images / Eyeem - Made Gede / Eyeem A rooster fight (Illustration Image). An online petition for "the prohibition of rooster fighting in the North, Pas-de-Calais and in the DOM-TOM" and the closure of buildings where these fights are organized, the Gallodromes, collected more than 20 000 signatures. “Instead of the lugs, they are put on kinds of sharp cutting objects so that they are injured. A show that is intolerable for Gabrielle Paillot, activist for the defense of animal rights.

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