US News: The premiums in women's football

The grain prices rise again

 The grain prices rise again Düsseldorf. On Friday, wheat and corn became cheaper. But Russia's attack on the port of Odessa has changed the situation. It is questionable whether the cereal prices will decrease significantly. © Bernd Wüstneck almost 20 million tons of grain performed Ukraine last year and was the fifth largest exporter worldwide. Then the Russian attack came, and deliveries abroad were broke. Since then, the silos in the grain chamber of Europe have been filled with grain that cannot be removed.

The English national soccer team of women wins the final of the European Championship against Germany and thus complete what the men's national team did not succeed in the previous year. It is the first international title since 1966 to go back to the “home country” of football.

Despite the strong performance and positive development in women's football, the prize money at the big tournaments still did not equalize with those of the men's teams. Other sports, such as tennis, are significantly more progressive.

As Statista-Infographik illustrates, the gender-specific wage gap in the current tournaments is enormous. Although the UEFA has doubled the funds that will be distributed to the national teams at this year's euro to $ 16 million, this sum corresponds to less than five percent of the amount intended for men in 2020. The men's European champion alone gets cumulative through all prize money of the group phases and the final victory is more than in the women's money.

Afghanistan: The "suffocating" repression of the Taliban Privates "of millions of women and young girls from their right to lead a free life", alert Amnesty

 Afghanistan: The since their taking power in August 2021, the Taliban have "violated the rights From women and girls to education, work and freedom of movement, "said the NGO which claims deep political changes. © supplied by Franceinfo The "suffocating" repression of the Taliban in Afghanistan deprives "millions of women and young girls from their right to lead a free and fulfilling life", denounces Wednesday July 27 in an Amnesty International Report , almost a year after the power of the Taliban .

The FIFA has also announced that it is also significantly increased the prize money for the Women's World Cup 2023. Despite this progress, the sum of around $ 69 million still corresponds to only one sixth of the amount intended for the 2022 men's World Cup in Qatar.

at the international level, things move at least in the right direction, but nationally hang the associations afterwards. Only a few associations strive to close the gender GAP . The pioneer in the premium compensation is the US football association- thanks to the "historical" collective agreement decided at the beginning of the year, the prize money of the men's and women's teams at tournaments in which both participate (e.g. EM and WM), are merged and evenly distributed.

The graphic shows the entire prize money and championship premiums for selected football tournaments.

Preisgeld und Meisterschaftspraemien bei ausgewaehlten Fußballturnieren © provided by Statista prize money and championship praemia for balanced football tournaments

Scholz visit to the DFB: "Great honor" and a big topic .
when playing with the round leather, Olaf Scholz is a typical event fan. As is well known, he was "not the big soccer specialist", the Chancellor once admitted, "but I'm a football fan at big tournaments". © Britta Pedersen/dpa pays a visit to the DFB: Chancellor Olaf Scholz. , above all, the European women's European Championship just ended in England was enthusiastic about grandstandast Scholz - and prompted a push that can dare, naive or long overdue depending on the perspective.

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