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Legislative in Senegal: Distribution of voter cards before the election

 Legislative in Senegal: Distribution of voter cards before the election © AFP - Seyllou A voter in a Dakar polling station for local elections, January 23, 2022. in Senegal, preparations for the legislative elections This Sunday, July 31 is in progress. Some seven million Senegalese are called to the polls. One of the issues is that of participation. There are only a few days left to withdraw voter cards from the commissions installed in sub-prefectures or town halls.

France has almost never been so dry. Twenty-seven departments are placed in orange heat wave since Tuesday. All of France is affected by drought, and 93 departments are the subject of water restrictions. In the Var, The village of Seillans is even forced to have water delivered to tanker trucks. But where did France's water reserves go? Europe 1 takes stock using cards.

only 9.7 millimeters of precipitation in July

first, there is rainwater that we simply did not receive this year. Last July, it fell only 9.7 millimeters of precipitation. It is ten times less than last year and 84% less than normal over the period 1991-2020, at 61.6 millimeters. July 2022 thus became the second driest month since the start of the France weather readings in 1959 .

because of the drought, very many channels must close in France

 because of the drought, very many channels must close in France © Fred Tanneau / AFP a barge in Gueltas (Morbihan), July 11, 2022. sailors of France indicates this Wednesday, August 3, 2022 that many canals had to be closed due to drought. The situation on the main axes is however more satisfactory. Navigation is ensured on the waterways with large templates, but Drought forces the boats to lighten on the Rhine and strongly affect pleasure activities on small canals, according to an sailors France (VNF) published this Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

Eau 2 © supplied by Europe 1 Water 2

visible consequence of this drought: in the mountains, the lakes are lower, the dams are less filled. Moreover, those operated by EDF are only 69%, or eleven points below the historical average. The deficit is particularly strong in the EDF dams of the southern Alps where the filling rate is 26 points lower than the historic average.

particularly low water tables

This lack of water is very problematic because rain feeds our surface reserves less. There is less water in rivers, ponds, rivers. This is the reason why we find it harder to assume the 5.3 billion cubic meters of water that we consume each year.

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Next, in addition to surface water, there is also groundwater which represents a stock of 2,000 billion cubic meters. A treasure that represents the equivalent of 8,380 billion euros, at the average water price in France. But this wealth is also fragile: in Provence, on the French Riviera or in Charente, the water tables are particularly low.

The third heat wave extends, a scorching peak expected at the weekend

 The third heat wave extends, a scorching peak expected at the weekend © Copyright 2022, L'Obs The heat wave which touches France will continue next week, accompanied by rainy thunderstorms in the Mountain massifs and in Corsica, with a scorching peak expected Friday in most of the country, said Météo France on Sunday August 7.

Video: tips up to 37 degrees in the south-east, fifty departments in heat wave yellow, the heat wave settles in the territory this Tuesday (BFMTV)

between the Surface water and groundwater, our reserves are therefore lower this year to meet our needs. Agriculture uses 45% of the water consumed each year, in front of the cooling of power plants at 31%. Then, drinking water consumes 21% of water, for uses intended for the population such as food, sanitary or even hygiene.

Eau 3 © supplied by Europe 1 Water 3 A controlled use of water

and if you lack water, theoretically, you can dig in your garden to find it. In France, legally, water is a communis res, that is to say that it does not belong to anyone but that its use is common to all. On the other hand, if the borehole exceeds ten meters deep, it must be declared to the water police, as explained by Jérôme Nicolas, hydrogeologist at the geological and mining research office.

"Certain water boreholes are subject to declaration, others are subject to authorization, depending on the volumes withdrawn and use, and others will be submitted, according to volumes too, to royalty by the agency water ", he details at the microphone of Europe 1. This fee can vary from zero to 15 cents of Euro per cubic meter according to the quantities drawn. In case of drought, prefects can also fix the order of priority in water uses.

Somalia: one million people displaced because of the drought .
A serious drought strikes the horn of Africa since January 2021 © Farah Abdi Warsameh/AP/SIPA A million people were moved due to the drought In Somalia, which has been raging since January 2021. drama - a serious drought hits the horn of Africa since January 2021 The situation is dramatic. The drought which rages in Somalia has reached an unprecedented level.

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