US News: The United States certifies its first model of Modular Nuclear Nuclear “Small reactor”

Hope for revival: EU puts the compromise draft for nuclear agreements with Iran before

 Hope for revival: EU puts the compromise draft for nuclear agreements with Iran before After the negotiations were stuck in mid-March, the EU and Iran had agreed to resume for June. Now there is a compromise. © Photo: Imago/Xinhua The EU foreign commissioner Josep Borrell. in an effort to revive the nuclear Agreement with the Iran , the EU foreign commissioner Josep Borrell presented a compromise draft for the parties involved in the negotiations.

Les États-Unis certifient leur premier modèle de “petit réacteur” nucléaire modulaire © Lactheo/Pixabay The United States certifies its first model of Modular Nuclear Nuclear The Nuclear SMR Nuclear "Small Reactor" model created United States is expected to obtain certification from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This is the first time that an SMR model has been certified.

The Nuscale SMR model could fulfill all the security requirements, this small reactor should obtain certification according to World Nuclear News . This does not mean that a construction of power plants can take place immediately with this equipment. However, if a request like this takes place, the security requirements approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will no longer be validated.

Ukraine Current: Selenskyj threatens with retaliation

 Ukraine Current: Selenskyj threatens with retaliation In harsh words, the Ukrainian president responded to the attack on a prison in the Donetsk region. The Red Cross turned on. The IAEA is concerned about the Saporischschja nuclear power plant. The overview.

This certification was requested, more than five years ago, on December 31, 2016. The processes of this new reactor are both natural and passive and allow carbon -free energy creation. The NRC's first report was made in August 2020. Now, the final note is expected, this should take place on November 25.

The right time

for the president and chief executive officer of Nuscale, John Hopkins, is a timely moment for the finalization of certificates. Faced with the explosion of energy prices and the urgency of solutions to fight against global warming, this new nuclear equipment could make it possible to provide solutions to the energy level in the world. In the past, the NRC has already certified 7 models of nuclear reactors.

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The construction of a first

with this new nuscal technology is already under study. It should be made up of 6 different modules with the objective of producing clean carbon -free energy. Regarding the location, the future power plant power plant could see the light of day on a site in the Idaho National Laboratory. also read the United Kingdom gives Son Go to the nuclear power plant sizewell C x1

New Start Treaty: The end of inspections on Russian military sites "is a fairly disturbing symbol" .
© Russian Defense Minister Press Service via AP The launch of a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile from a silo in Russia. Russia announced on Monday August 8, 2022 the suspension of the American inspections planned for its military sites within the framework of the New Start Treaty in response to American obstacles to Russian inspections similar to the United States. The New Start Treaty is a key agreement of nuclear disarmament between the two powers renegotiated in 2021.

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