US News: In London, students from the Imperial College protest against the installation of a statue deemed "phallic"

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The students of the prestigious University of London protested on the erection of a sculpture on their campus on Wednesday. They criticize the work of Antony Gromley at the work of its phallic character.

  À Londres, des étudiants de l'Imperial College protestent contre l'installation d'une statue jugée © supplied by Franceinfo

Nothing is going to the Imperial College in London. The students protested on Wednesday against the installation of the statue of sculptor Antony Gromley on their campus, because of its phallic character. The massive work of six meters high entitled alert aims to represent a human form squatting, in homage to the scientific community. It should be installed this summer.

But “many are those” who believe that The legs folded in the monument evoke an “phallus” and that its alert name can make one think of an erection, deplores one of the student unions in a motion. By adding to regret that the students were not consulted upstream. "There is nothing wrong with phallic imaging in art", but the work could be "inappropriate for an exhibition to the general public", specifies the text.

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look at this 'massive' statue imperial College is planning on erecting in the central square!?

- Professor of cheese (@prof_cheeseman) November 25, 2021

gift from an old student

while only 41.8 % of students Full-time in the establishment were women during the 2020-2021 school year, the text adds that this sculpture may cause a feeling of exclusion from the latter.

the spokesperson for the I MPERIAL College defends itself by stressing that "Antony Gromley is one of the greatest artists in life in the world and we are grateful to see ourselves offer one of his emblematic sculptures", according to The Guardian. A former student of the ' establishment had given the massive steel sculpture at the London school.

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