US News: Holidays: When the police monitor your accommodation

7 things that you should know before a vacation on Milos

 7 things that you should know before a vacation on Milos Milos is one of the most beautiful and above all the most versatile cyclades. Nevertheless, the volcanic island is relatively unknown. Tayler and Anika from the travel blog "Lovelifepassport" show why that should change. © Getty Images Milos is one of the rather unknown Cyclades islands Milos is hardly a term in this country. The Greek island deserves much more attention. Among other things, because there are fascinating natural treasures such as an incomparable lunar landscape.

30% des cambriolages chaque année ont lieu en juillet et août. Alors, pour éviter une très mauvaise surprise au retour des congés, certains Français choisissent de s'inscrire gratuitement à l'opération © Xose Bouzas / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 30% of burglaries each year take place in July and August. So, to avoid a very unpleasant surprise when the holidays are returned, some French people choose to register for free "holiday tranquility" operation, a home surveillance service, by police and gendarmes.

is a statistic that has something to worry about: over the next six years, you have a chance in ten to be robbed. And the summer period is particularly conducive to offenses: 30% of burglaries take place during the months of July and August. So to avoid having a very bad surprise when you get back from leave, you can register for free for the "holiday tranquility" operation. A service set up by the National Police and the gendarmerie which carry out checks near your home.

Investigations against Frankfurt police officers again due to anti -constitutional chats

 Investigations against Frankfurt police officers again due to anti -constitutional chats , the largest police headquarters in Hesse have caused negative headlines. Now prosecutors are proceeding against five police officers who are said to have expressed an constitutional manner in chats. © Daniel Kubirski/Picture Alliance already in the focus of the investigators: The police headquarters Frankfurt am Main are once again police officers from Frankfurt am Main due to presumably anti -constitutional chat content in the focus of the public prosecutor's office.

"We have the contact details of the person and his address"

between two rescue police interventions, Sébastien looks on his phone, on a dedicated application, the approximately 200 dwellings registered in Strasbourg at the "Vacation tranquility" system. "We are geolocated. When I have a red lozenge, that means that there was no passage. So, I will prioritize this passage, by clicking on it. And we have the contact details of the person and His address, "he explains to Europe 1 before going to an old farm, by the roadside, in Strasbourg.

"We take a little look directly at the windows, all the access and the main door of the pavilion", blows the policeman. No signs of break -in: Sébastien therefore resumes his phone.

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The owner receives an email or an SMS notifying the passage of the Polier

"We submit our passage on the application. Have you noted some Particular thing? No, in this case, no. Everyone is registering when you see what is done, "he said. And thanks to this manipulation, the owner of the house will receive an email or an SMS indicating the passage of the police.

Australia: Canberra airport closed after shots, a man arrested .
The incident made no victim and the suspect was quickly arrested © Str / AFP Australian police closed the airport de Canberra. shooter - The incident did not make any victim and the suspect was quickly arrested It is still unknown to his motivations. Did he aim for a particular person? Did he want to take a political message? A man was arrested after firing five shots at Canberra airport, causing panic of passages but making no victim, the police said.

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