US News: pilots have hope for more salary

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Frankfurt. The Lufthansa and Verdi have agreed: the soil staff gets significantly more wages. The union of the pilots sees this as a positive signal. Because she is currently negotiating with the airline.

 Eine Passagiermaschine vom Typ Boeing 747 der Lufthansa startet auf dem Frankfurter Flughafen. © Boris Roessler A Boeing 747 passenger machine The Lufthansa starts at Frankfurt Airport.

The negotiations were tough and lasted for a long time, but the result was certain late Thursday evening: the soil staff of Lufthansa can look forward to a salary increase in three steps. The Verdi union agreed with the airline to 200 euros more wages for July 1, another 2.5 percent from January 1, 2023 and another 2.5 percent from July 1, 2023. For employees, this means loud Verdi an increase of at least 377 to 498 euros per month. In addition, Lufthansa will raise the minimum hourly wage to 13 euros from October 1, 2022, and trainees are adopted indefinitely.

"Warning signal" to the board: Lufthansa pilot voices with a large majority for strikes

 at Lufthansa, a strike of the pilots has moved a further closer. In a coordination, the voting members of the Cockpit Association spoke out with a very clear majority for a labor struggle. The union reported on Sunday after counting the votes. © AFP Airplanes of Lufthansa (archive image) This means that a strike of the approximately 5000 pilots on the core brand Lufthansa is now possible, but was initially not applied for by the board.

The collective agreement runs 18 months and is not linked to the group result. The latter had originally proposed differently. Verdi rejected this because the employees had no influence on how Lufthansa dealt with her money. However, the union is satisfied with the current tariff result. "It is the signal that there is again competitive wages at Lufthansa," said Verdi negotiator Marvin Reschinsky of our editorial team. In the coming week, the union members will vote on the result. Reschinsky assumes that the vast majority will accept it. After all, Verdi was able to enforce both an inflation equalization and a real wage increase. For employees at check-in, this means approximately 13.6 to 18.4 percent wage growth depending on the service.

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A criticism comes from the upper salary groups with an income of more than 6000 euros: "The percentage increases from the fixed amounts we have agreed, of course," said Reschinsky . You will discuss it internally.

The negotiator of Lufthansa, Michael Niggemann, went out of the negotiations positively. “It was important to us to take into account the lower and medium -sized income groups disproportionately. This means that we do justice to social responsibility for our employees and secure our attractiveness as an employer, ”he said, describing the conversations as“ constructive ”. Lufthansa now also wants to agree with pilots and cabin staff and is confident that they can achieve good solutions.

their unions Association Cockpit (VC) and the independent flight attendant organization (UFO) are also talking about higher wages with the airline. VC calls for a wage increase of 5.5 percent for 2022, automatic inflation compensation and an adjustment of the tariff structure. "We see it very positively that an agreement with another professional group was possible," said a spokesman for the union of our editorial team. He expects VC to come to a result with Lufthansa soon. The new collective agreement of the soil staff does not directly influence the negotiations, but show that the airline is moving. There should be several dates of discussion with her this month. When they will be, neither the union nor Lufthansa wanted to make it public. Otherwise you are under the pressure to have to deliver intermediate results, the spokesman said.

What the cabin personnel keeps of the tariff result and how confident about the talks with the airline remained open on Friday. The UFO union left an inquiry until the editorial deadline.

pilots: Good safety level at German airports .
Even during the Corona crisis, individual airports in Germany have invested vigorously in their safety equipment. in its annual “airport check” the pilot union “Association Cockpit” praised the “still very good” security level on Thursday, but still sees space for improvements. © Marius Becker/dpa civil servants of the federal police at the security controls of the Cologne/Bonn Airport.

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