US News: UEFA penalty after "Putin" calls from Fenerbahce fans

UEFA sanctions Fenerbahçe after the pro-Puttine songs of its supporters

 UEFA sanctions Fenerbahçe after the pro-Puttine songs of its supporters supplied by Sofoot intolerable. The second preliminary round of the Champions League, on July 27, between Fenerbahçe and Dynamo kyiv had been marked by songs of support for Vladimir Putin from certain Turkish supporters. An attitude sanctioned by UEFA, which inflicted a fine of 50,000 euros on the Istanbul club, as well as a partial closure of its stadium for the next European match.

After "Wladimir Putin" calls by fans of Fenerbahce Istanbul when playing against Dynamo Kyiv, UEFA punished the Turkish club. Fenerbahce has to pay 50,000 euros in fine and was sentenced to a partial locking of his fans on probation, as the European Football Union announced on Friday.

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Turkish Club on probation

Fenerbahce should violate the requirements in the next two years, at least 5000 places must remain empty in the next home game in a European competition. The UEFA justified the sanction with the fact that fans of the Turks had thrown objects and called insulting.

Surrealist: Turks sing to the glory of Putin

 Surrealist: Turks sing to the glory of Putin of the unflattering scenes took place in Turkey during the qualification match for the Champions League between Fenerbahçe and Dynamo Kyiv on Wednesday evening. © Panoramic Vladimir Putin The Turkish team supporters began to chant the name of Russian president Vladimir Putin after Vitaliy Buyalskyi gave the Dynamo 1-0 advantage. The Ukrainian managed a center at the ground and celebrated his goal by facing one of the stadium sets, arms in the air.

Numerous Fenerbahce supporters chanted the name of Russian president in the second half of the game of the second champions League qualification round in Istanbul. Witalij Bujalskyj (57th minute) put Kyiv in the lead, after which there was the "Wladimir Putin" calls from the stands. The incident was also widely discussed on social media. Many Fenerbahce fans expressed their regret about the behavior of the supporters in the stadium.

Fenerbahce distanced itself from the behavior of the fans and emphasized that this "does not represent our club and does not correspond to the institutional attitude of our club." The club was the first to convict the war from the start, it was said in one.

club boss Ali Koc condemned the behavior of the fans, but rejected an apology among the Ukrainians. "In my opinion, it was inappropriate, unnecessary calls. They were far from the identity and values ​​of Fenerbahce. But what should we do to close the mouth with a zipper?" Said Koc, according to the sports newspaper "Fanatik" .

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