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stone strike with episodes

 stone strike with episodes Uli Stein caused numerous headlines in the course of his career. An action remained in a very special memory. © provided by Stein-Schlag with episodes it was never a simple character. already caused a sensation before the scandal at the start of the season in 1987/88 at regular intervals, for example to go into the goal at a penalty, spectators showed the middle finger after a dismissal and thus ended some training at the HSV early if he had clashed again with Ernst Happel.

In the past Europa League season, Eintracht fans were often celebrated for their support. At the opening game of the new Bundesliga season against FC Bayern Munich, however, they sometimes spanned the bow.

Eintracht-Fans stürmen Platz © provided by Eintracht fans storm space

The anticipation for the opening game between Eintracht Frankfurt and FC Bayern Munich was very large. The European Cup winner received the German champion, football supporters from over 200 countries watched. (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

The fans of Eintracht, celebrated for their great support, spanned the bow. You whistled the singer of glass bead game, Carolin Niemczyk, mercilessly while singing the national anthem. (Data: Results and Plan of the Bundesliga)

Eintracht sports director hopes for thrust in women's football

 Eintracht sports director hopes for thrust in women's football Markus Krösche sees some parallels to Eintracht Frankfurt when the German football women were successful. «Your path reminds me a bit of ours in the Europa League. They work very, very well as a team and play great football, »said the sports director of the Hessian Bundesliga club on Saturday in the club's own interview. So far he has seen all the games of the European Championship. «You do it great.

shortly afterwards climbed white pyrone lever, which was so close in the air that even goalkeeper Kevin Trapp had bad vision for the 5-1 in the 5th minute.

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Platzsturm During the half-time break, the next excitement: as a folder, a speedster collected after a long run, Around ten to 15 followers stormed from the northwest curve - the block, where the faith of the most loyal and supported - stormed on the lawn and had an argument with the security forces in the base tower.

only after several warning they disappeared into their curve. After all, the second half could be kicked off on time.

always went to Pryo lights in the second 45 minutes - including FC Bayern in the guest curve. The Frankfurt supporters also supported Eintracht loudly until the end of the game. But the various failures clouded the picture at the debacle, which the team (1: 6) experienced on the square.

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mud fight: Salihamidzic counters Lewy allegations

 mud fight: Salihamidzic counters Lewy allegations Munich - Robert Lewandowski's transfer to FC Barcelona is still causing evil blood. © Imago Salihamidzic Lewandowski Even if the Polish super striker was able to prevail with his wish and switched to Catalonia, he attacked FC Bayern sharply afterwards and accused the bosses of spreading lies. "The club tried to find an argument why they can sell me to another club.

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Why does not reach Barca and Bavaria. But a sex area is not possible for a certain reason. .
© provided by Why does not reach Barca and Bavaria first competitive game of the new season, first title for Real Madrid! In the UEFA Supercup, the team of coach Carlo Ancelotti prevailed on Wednesday evening with 2-0 against Eintracht Frankfurt . In the area of ​​the Madrid club, there is already talk of a possible sextuble - six titles in one year.

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