US News: Civilians and fighters killed in Israeli strikes in Gaza

Israel kills Jihad military chief in the Gaza Strip

 Israel kills Jihad military chief in the Gaza Strip Israeli armed forces, killed the military chief of the extremist Palestinian organization of Islamic jihad (PIJ) during air strips on the Gaza Strip. Taisir al-Jabari died in the attack, the PIJ said on Friday. The Israeli military confirms the death of the high -ranking commander. Accordingly, Al-Jabari was responsible for numerous rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip and planned attacks on civilians. The Islamic jihad is classified as a terrorist organization by the EU and the USA.

  Des civils et des combattants tués dans des frappes israéliennes à Gaza © Copyright 2022, Obs

Israel continues its strikes in the Gaza Strip, this Friday, August 5, against the Islamic jihad organization, which she estimates to have killed Fifteen fighters, while a dozen civilians including a child also perished, according to the authorities of the Palestinian enclave.

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during this "preventive attack" against Islamic jihad, 15 fighters were killed, said after a first series of Raids an Israeli military spokesman, Richard Hecht . Islamic jihad, an organization considered terrorist by Israel, the European Union and the United States, confirmed the death of one of its leaders, Tayssir al-Jabari.

Near East: What is the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, struck by the Israeli army?

 Near East: What is the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, struck by the Israeli army? © Wana News Agency / Reuters The secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, Ziyad Nakhaleh, during a meeting with the Iranian president on August 5. targeted by Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip since Friday, the Islamic jihad, founded in 1981, is a Palestinian organization engaged in the armed struggle against Israel.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza, for its part, reported ten dead, "including a five -year -old girl", and 55 injured.

In retaliation, rocket fire from Gaza to Israel - at least 100 according to Islamic jihad - have been noted, AFP announced.

Several cities of targeted Gaza

The first salvo of strikes notably targeted Khan Younès (South) and a residential area in the center of the city of Gaza, Palestinian witnesses and sources of security said.

Video: Israeli strikes on Gaza: fighters from Islamic jihad and killed civilians (Dailymotion)

A Gaza, AFP journalists have seen wounded by the emergency services, firefighters Turn off fires and residents hurry in morgues.

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"The Zionist enemy began this attack and must expect that we are fighting tirelessly (... ) There will be no truce after this bombing, "said the secretary general of Islamic jihad, Ziad al-Nakhala, in an interview with Lebanese television Al-Mayadeen, in Tehran, the Iranian capital. "There will be no red lines in this battle (...) Tel Aviv and other Zionist cities will be targets of the resistance missiles," he added.

The human assessment increases to Gaza

 The human assessment increases to Gaza more than twenty people, including 6 children have been killed since the start of violence in Gaza between the Israeli army and the Islamic Jihad group announces the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian enclave. A denial was made by the Israeli authorities who claim that several children were killed by a failed rocket shooting of the Islamist group in Jabalia.

Hundreds of people attended the Tayssir al-Jabari funeral in the evening in Gaza, said an AFP team.

A head of Islamic jihad arrested at the start of the week

these raids on the territory of 2.3 million inhabitants, under the Israeli blockade, occurred after the arrest on Monday of an Islamic jihad chief in occupied West Bank, Bassem Saadi.

Since then, the Israeli authorities feared attacks in retaliation from Gaza, enclave controlled by Hamas Islamists and where Islamic jihad is well established. The army had deployed reinforcements in the area adjacent to the Palestinian territory, whose tanks, roads had been blocked and trains suppressed.

“To our enemies, and particularly to managers of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic jihad, I would like to insist: your time is counted. The threat [in southern Israel, editor's note] will be eliminated in one way or another, "said Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz in a statement.

Israeli Prime Minister Yaïr Lapid assured him that the security forces would act "against the terrorists of Islamic jihad to eliminate the threat to the citizens of Israel".

"Anyone who tries to hurt Israel must know it: we will find you," he added.

A week after the Israeli raids, the Gaza Strip more than ever on the ground .
© AP - Fatima Shbair Gathering around the body of an 11 -year -old child, during his funeral at Khan Younis, in the Gaza Strip , Thursday August 11, 2022. The child succumbed to his injuries after being injured in the Israeli air strikes last week. The Gaza Strip is exhausted from this yet another round of deadly violence between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic jihad. Despite the truce entered into force Sunday evening August 7, a week ago, the inhabitants cry their dead.

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