US News: Ukraine: Strikes near a nuclear reactor, departure of three cargo -charged cereals

Putin: A nuclear war would have "no winner"

 Putin: A nuclear war would have Russia's President Vladimir Putin has assured not to start any nuclear war. But the West does not trust its promise, as it became clear at the UN conference to check the nuclear weapons blocking contract.

La centrale nucléaire d'Enerhodar (Zaporijjia), sous contrôle russe, vue le 27 avril 2022 depuis la ville de Nikopol, sous contrôle ukrainien. © AFP - ED Jones The Enerhodar nuclear power plant (Zaporijjia), under Russian control, seen on April 27, 2022 from the city of Nikopol , under Ukrainian control.

Ukraine and Russia have mutually accused strikes near a reactor from the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporijia, the largest in Europe, the day when three new cereal loads, crucial for global food security, have left Ukrainian ports.

As of Tuesday, the International Atomic Energy Agency had worried the growing tensions around the Zaporijjia power station, under Russian control since March. The situation became "more and more dangerous day by day" she said. This Friday, these fears were materialized: bombings took place near the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

War in Ukraine: targeted by strikes, a reactor from the Zaporijjia power plant is set up

 War in Ukraine: targeted by strikes, a reactor from the Zaporijjia power plant is set up © Dmytro Smolyenko / Nurphoto / Nurphoto via AFP after strikes of which kyiv and Moscow accuse each other, one Reactors of the Zaporijia nuclear power plant in Ukraine has been arrested. The strikes caused "a serious risk" for its operation. War continues in Ukraine, especially in the south, on the side of Zaporijia and its nuclear power plant , under the control of Russian troops since the start of offensive . Bombings broke out near the power plant.

It was first of all the Ukrainian state -owned company Energoatom who spoke of "three strikes". A high -voltage line was damaged, one of the reactors was stopped. And the risk of fire is "high" judges the company. In the evening, the Ukrainian president accused Russia for having hit the plant "twice". "A shameless crime, an act of terror," said Volodymir Zelensky.

Video: War in Ukraine: Medvedev evokes the use of nuclear weapons (Dailymotion)

In a statement, the Russian Defense Ministry assured that the shots were Ukrainians. He claims that 20 shells have been drawn from Ukrainian positions. "It is out of pure chance" that the shots did not affect the tanks of oil, fuel oil and the oxygen production station, says Moscow. "This made it possible to avoid a possible radiation accident," said the Ministry of Defense. Earlier in the day, Russia had called for the director of the AIEA to go there to see "who defended the reactor" and "who attacked him".

The arrival of the first loading of Ukrainian cereals "postponed"

 The arrival of the first loading of Ukrainian cereals © Yasin Akgul / AFP L e ship carrying the first charging of cereals exported by Ukraine since the Russian invasion of February 24 will not accost Sunday 7 August in Lebanon as planned, said on Saturday at the France Press Agency, the Ukrainian Embassy in this country.

convoys in the Black Sea

parallel, five days after Odessa's departure from a first freighter - expected on Sunday in Lebanon - transporting Ukrainian cereals since the triggering of the Russian offensive, three other loads, also of corn, have left Ukraine in convoy, the Turkish Defense Ministry announced. A series of regular rotations followed to supply agricultural markets.

The three ships will serve Ireland, England and Turkey, said the Turkish ministry. At the same time, he said, a building is also on the way to load cereals, towards the port of Chernomorsk (southern Ukraine), which he must reach on Saturday, said the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, Oleksandr Koubrakov.

Russia and Ukraine have signed two separate agreements, validated by Turkey and the United Nations, which allow the export of Ukrainian cereals immobilized by the Russian conflict and agricultural products despite Western sanctions. They should alleviate the global food crisis, which has seen prices soar in some of the poorest countries due to the blocking of Ukrainian ports.

Ukraine and Russia once again accuses shots on the Zaporijjia .
© Ed Jones nuclear power plant The Zaporijjia nuclear power plant, photographed since Nikopol in Ukraine on April 27, 2022 kyiv and Moscow again exchanged Shooting on the Zaporijjia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, occupied by Russia and targeted several times for a week.

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