US News: Berlin - Day and Night: That's what international offshoots are about!

"Berlin - Day & Night": Farewell to Joe? Sender & Lutz Schweigel make hints

 since the first episode of "Berlin - Day & Night" flickered over the screen eleven years ago, Lutz Schweigel is part of the series. But now a fresh start seems to be in place for the veteran. As it says in the preview of episode 2757, Joe wants to cancel the tents in the capital - at least professionally. "The future can begin for Joe: he finds a buyer for his workshop." A surprising turn that alarmed, the workshop was one of the heart projects of the Btnler.

for eleven years "Berlin - Day and Night" is now an integral part of the RTLZwei program and is hard to imagine it. At the beginning, nobody would have expected this long term - more on the contrary. After the odds sank into the basement so much in the first two weeks after the start that Filmpool had already expected a short -term deduction, the number of spectators recovered shortly afterwards and brought the success that still makes the series one of the most popular of the transmitter today .

  Berlin - Tag und Nacht: Darum geht es in den internationalen Ablegern! © rtlzwei

no wonder that one was based on the unique style and the stories outside of Germany. Several countries produced BTN branch , sometimes quite faithful, sometimes in quite stubborn versions. But see yourself:


satirical weekly review: A death strip for restaurateurs .
In the fight against their Ballermann image, the administration of the party capital Cologne now really draws all the registers, thinks loudly about nodules for catch chans outside the stadium and thus ensures outrage among FC fans . © Bernd Schöneck The space gained through the bike path laid on the road could soon fall victim to the wider sidewalk.

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