US News: Hertha Serdar sees himself in midfield: Praise for black

ex-professional russ, testicular cancer still sees as a taboo subject

 ex-professional russ, testicular cancer still sees as a taboo subject for the former football professional Marco Russ, discussions about diseases such as testicular cancer have not yet really arrived in the middle of society. «A taboo subject is still a bit today. I think it's good that Marco Richter and Timo Baumgartl deal with it and in public to show people that it is a bad illness, but which is good to treat, »said the 36-year-old from the German Press Agency .

Suat Serdar from Bundesliga club Hertha BSC sees his role under the new coach Sandro Schwarz in central midfield. In the conversation of the Berlin “Morgenpost” (Saturday), the 25-year-old said before the derby at 1. FC Union Berlin this Saturday (3:30 p.m./Sky) that he could best help the team in the position as eighth. «I want to take responsibility there, go ahead, even if things don't go that way. The eight is just my favorite position. And in the past season you saw that things are not going so well with me, ”said Serdar.

Herthas Suat Serdar. © Soeren Stache/dpa/archive image Herthas Suat Serdar.

Herthaner combines his hope for a personal and team upswing with the new coach in Schwarz. He knows him from the time together at FSV Mainz 05. «I know that the trainer gives me your trust. I want to pay it back, »emphasized Serdar, who knew about the coach's commitment before the public. «Sandro and I had already written before, so I knew it before it became official. And of course you are happy when you get such a message. We have a good bond because he has accompanied me in Mainz for a long time, even in the most important years, »said Serdar.

of black he is enthusiastic. «He brings a lot of positive energy into the team, has a personal bond with every player, and has many one -on -one discussions. He tries to get each individual a step forward using video analysis. He brings in the mentality that we play active, aggressive football, »said Serdar.

Hertha BSC: Bobic explains the Jarstein suspension .
The collaboration of Hertha BSC and goalkeeper Rune Jarstein is on the brink, a suspension is stressed. Fredi Bobic now explained the background. Unrest in Berlin: In the course of Sunday morning, it was announced by the picture that Hertha plans to suspend keeper Rune Jarstein. Fredi Bobic confirmed the message and said that he hadn't been part of the squad "for sporting and disciplinary reasons".

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